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I know ?? A Wii U Pokemon game is seriously untapped potential… I’m not saying it would completely turn the system around, but hey! And the “old users” , the guys who got a 3ds since a while and still buy games ,receive , once again , nothing?
In partnership with National Geographic City, Smart Bomb Interactive has developed a massively multiplayer online game called Animal Jam.
Since I'm eating, I was about to watch Resident Evil DAMNation for that sexy flat Ada ass but since I'm a fucking retard who doesn't think that there's anything wrong with post RE4.I decided to be an intellectual for once and be mothafucking smart, so I'm going to watch that smart intellectual and mature Walking Dead game while I eat, LOL!
I like how losers on gamefags are so passive that they can't do anything but respond to your tone. I WOULD RESPOND TO YOUR ARGUMENT BUT I DO NOT APPRECIATE THE TERMS YOU ARE USING TO DESCRIBE THE ALMIGHTY BIOWARE.
Those who register a 3DS XL or 2DS system as well as one of six games in March will receive a Pokemon X or Pokemon Y download code for free. I already have pokemon X digital, but since I?m buying a new 3ds I?m giving my old one to my brother along with pokemon Y. Those of us who gave you our hard-earned money when the MSRP was at its highest and there was no additional incentive clearly don’t deserve a reward. As posted on Animal Jam's official blog site, Daily Explorer, the latest additions to the collection were Egyptian Treasure items found at Jam Mart Furniture and Jam Mart Clothing. Plus, Summer Carnival is almost coming to an end, so players will only have few days left to win gems from those games. Are they implying that I just randomly name dropped some games and then proceeded to talk about why they're deep?
He certainly looks like an crazy angry hermit, and curse the movie version of watchmen and V for Vendetta.You know a game like The Last of Us is gona be shit when most trailers dont show gameplay but cutscenes instead. The revamped site will feature over 2,500 PC and Mac games to purchase and play with new games being added each week and curated micro-stores called Collections, to help gamers find games that suit their interest.To help celebrate the launch, the site has partnered up with 2K Games to give away a free game. Just give it to the people who waited until you dropped the price and are were handing out free stuff to start buying your products.
I'm far more nobler and smarterer than you.Aight, let me tell you Resident imbeciles something. It's no secret that most of us Americans are fucking dumb as hell, LOL!I'm only an American by birth, other wise I'm just another arrogant & stuck up East Asian chump.
If so, that's goddamn absurd because I hardly see anyone talk about LUCT, Persona 2, Suikoden quite the same way that I do. I'm not hating on biowhore for the sake of hating.I'm hating because whatever genius that bio once had, is no longer there and hasn't been around ever since DA Origins and the political aspect of Mass Effect 1. BTW the watchmen comics were actually pretty deep, but fat chance the guy on gayfags actually read them.
To receive your free copy of Mafia 2, head over to the new GameFly Digital website and purchase any 2K game. But he was pulled back in after spending years in QA circles for both THQ and Activision, mostly spending time helping to push forward the Guitar Hero series at its peak.

We came from a society where you get beat down by your own teachers & classmates if you say or do anything stupid. Ozzie has become a big fan of platformers, puzzle games, shooters, and RPGs, just to name a few genres, but he’s also a huge sucker for anything with a good, compelling narrative behind it.
It just wouldn't be called "Resident Evil" and it would probably be highly reputed because it wouldn't have you hardcore Resident imbeciles trying to brainwash everyone about how terrible RE6 is as a game.By the way, fuck your precious old shit games. I honestly believe that the West needs a similar culture, because y'all mothafuckas are currently breeding a society that's populated by nothing but mouth breeders & anarchist bums. This is the king of writing.It's so awesome, you gotta love how the voice acting is so unenthusiastic. Other deals include Spec Ops: The Line for $6, Duke Nukem Forever for $4, and NBA 2K13 for $6. All that tells me is that gamers have really shitty and boring relationships with women if this is what passes for realistic. You can tell, just from how huge my vocabulary is.You don't see me saying, IMMERSION, VISCERAL, MAJESTIC, and other sorts of nonsensical power words that were created just to win an argument with one word, LOL!Bioshock is so smart, that it satirizes manifest destiny and the creation of the United States. This could mainly be attributed to how they're not used to arguing with real men like myself.The only reason that I bother to post, is to simply get the information out there, even though my posts are often drowned out by no life fucktards. No.1 is Miku of course, LOL!)I recall that we had absolutely nothing in common at all, save for faith in God and Christianity.
I find it funny how the movie is so over the top and cartoony because he wants to scream LOOK AT ME, I'M JUST LIKE A COMIC BOOK when the comic book itself is far more realistic. It takes more brains and quick thinking to survive in RE 4-6 mercenaries than it does to survive in the first three RE games.Shit, you can actually play through the original Resident Evils by doing nothing but run away. All that matters to me is that there's a small chance that some random fuckface may learn something new due to my posts. I only pretend to be a hardcore Christian because I know that's a deal breaker for most women.
Also they managed to remove meaning from every single line in the movie by only changing a few lines.
Which is what I always do but it's about time that I contain it to one thread.As much as I hate to say, gamers actually are some entitled fuckwits. I would've lost everything in a split instant with the Milf Young-Sil had I been an atheist but I explained to her that I'm a hardcore Catholic traditionalist when she asked me "WHY!?" coz I don't go to church. It's pretty funny how Doctor Manhattan starts talking out of nowhere about christian miracles in the movie, while in the comics he was referring to a thermodynamic miracle.)I remember the watchmen movie being called "THE COMING OUT OF NERD CULTURE", LOL!!!! You made my bitch Elizabeth mad!These mature Western gaming narratives are juat getting so way out of hand because none of them are actually mature. When I explained my religious background, everything was cool, So we instead argued about our interpretations of Christianity for an hour. I'm supposed to like bullshit just because hardcore gamers (AKA Useless bums who have ruined their sanity from playing too many videogames.) like bullshit. Oh yeah, I'm only 20 minutes in and I'm fucking bored out of my mind coz ain't nothing happening, but that's good.Everybody knows that good writing is supposed to bore the fuck out of you.

The only thing that seems to hold the relationship together is the way you two periodically stare into each others eyes just to reassure yourselves that the feeling is mutual. If they did, we'd all be stuck with boring shit games like Deus Ex Human Revolution or Fallout New Vegas.Stop lying to yourselves. The movie in contrast is exactly that, and it was forgotten by everybody after a year or so. Although in my case, it's coz I usually imagined her naked whenever I spoke to her, LOL!) SO why do you two stick around? Waah, she dead or some shit and I related to her coz she could've been my daughter or she reminded me of my daughter or something. It's even more unfortunate that Bioware's awkwardly scripted romances are at the forefront of relationship issues when as I said before, Biowhore relationships are perverted as fuck.When I think about Young-Sil, did we ever do anything perverted? At least it was goofy as fuck and you actually played the game during the first two chapters.
I walk up to her, smack her in the ass, she gets horny but she just walks back to me to talk about the food she's going to eat. Sure, there's a double message to that but what I'm saying is that when taken out of context, you'd never guess that we were actually talking sexually dirty to each other.Or the other girl I liked, Eun. Their idea of romance is to have the girl whine & cry a lot and the guy does nothing but comfort them. In a Bioware game, that's called pimpin'Too bad real life isn't like a Bioware game.The only other variation that I've seen coming out from Biowhore is the Ice Queen.
The mean tsundere girl who's just an outright bastard but she all of sudden becomes a nice little sex kitten once you've stuck your big cock inside her tiny pussy. PLLLLLEAZZZZ!"PLEASE TAKE CLEMNTINE WITH YOU, I GOTTA GET BACK TO THE HOSPITAL OR SOME SHIT< I LOVE YOOUUUU!
Unlike what Bioware would lead you to believe, women will not try to fuck you just because you're nice to them.I'm nice to women, in the oldschool traditional way. I'll open the door for you, pull out your chair, offer my pimping coats, hold your heavy ass bags for you and all that shit.The difference is, I do so because I'm a man. I don't expect anything in return.Granted, this builds up over time and makes women want you but I think this is only due to how most other men, aren't manly.
So the woman naturally gravitates towards the men who know how to treat a lady right.Treating them right is one thing but it also needs to feel right. Why is it that I'm the only one who seems to think that Walking Dead's acting is god awful? It's sad to say but real life women are nothing like Bioware's waifus.First off, real women look better.

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