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I'm not sure when this code will expire but if you are reading this post today (July 28, 2014) then it is still working. For those of you who don't know, Marvel Heroes 2015 is a free-to-play superhero-themed action-MMO based on the Marvel Universe.
If you are interested in playing Marvel Heroes 2015 then check out the official Marvel Heroes 2015 website, learn more about it, create a free account, download the game and play. About this game:Heroes and Generals is a free to play mmo which combines first person action with strategic control, offering several game modes in a Great War with thousands of players.
Herotopia is an award winning online children's game where kids can create their own superheroes and travel around the world playing games and learning along the way. As for online safety, which is probably the most important feature parents want reassurance on, Herotopia has that covered.
In fact, my son's superhero became the Superhero of the Week recently, and I would've never found out how to submit his character for consideration if I didn't follow Herotopia on social media. Would you like to get a Free Random Hero to add to your roster of Marvel Heroes in the game?

If you read this post a few days from today or a few weeks from today then still give it a try. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that it will still work in the future because codes like this often has an expiration period. The game will not let you create your own superhero but it will let you play with existing Marvel Heroes like Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolvering, Punisher, Daredevil, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men and many more.
Click PLAY FOR FREE and register a new player here then in the Promo code section please add the code. Players can choose between two factions, US or Germany and play as hero on the battlefield or tactical officer. The kids are traveling through the world learning fun facts about the cities and cultures they find as well as famous landmarks and phrases in foregin languages. These are "small but mighty heroes" that the superhero (your child) saves from the bullies. All-Access Superhero members pay a minimal monthly membership fee and receive special features and privileges.

We are proud to donate a portion of subscription fees to charities voted on by our own Superheroes. They collect anything with "big eyes" and the graphics for this game would be right up their alley! If your answer to both questions are yes then here is a special code that will give you a Free Random Hero Box in the game when redeemed. However, here in Florida it's been very hot outside to the point that no one wants to venture out. However, I've found one very special online game that my younger sons have come to absolutely love and as a mom, it's one that I don't mind them spending time on.
Each is unique, with it's own profile which tells your child it's birthday, special features, and more.

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