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The Common Core Literacy Standards aren’t getting nearly as much ink as the math and ELA standards, which is a pity—they’ll affect almost every teacher in America. These rubrics establish performance benchmarks for argument, informational, and narrative writing. For more ideas on how to implement the Common Core Standards in your school or classroom, check out the links under the “Blog Topics” bar on the right-hand side of your screen. February 24, 2016 - What Does the Every Student Succeeds Act Mean for Common Core State Standards?
All these worksheets and activities for teaching Assessment rubric have been designed by English language teachers. This is a detailed grading rubric which allows students to see precisely where they are strong, and where they need to improve.
This is a rubric which can be used by ESL teachers to asses their students? oral performance. This is a Rubric I created to help my Ss evaluate their paragraphs before they gave me their final version.
Ask your students to participate in class to practice their oral skills is easy, the difficult part is to evaluate their performance. As you found my rubric for oral assessment useful, I?m uploading this for assessment of written production. Basic Rubric outlining criteria to consider for VOICE clarity and BODY language during oral presentations. Sometimes it is very difficult to decide which mark to give students for their written papers. THIS IS THE SECOND RUBRIC OUT OF THREE I MADE WHILE I FOUND MYSELF IN A SITUATION IN WHICH I NEEDED TO KEEP A RECORD ON HOW WELL MY STUDENTS WERE DOING AND NEEDED SOMETHING TO REGISTER IN THE ADVANCE AND PROGRESS SO THAT AT THE SAME TIME IT WOULD BE USEFUL TO ME FOR FURTHER CONSULTATION AND GRADING.
This rubric is useful for students to understand their marks and which items need to include to get a successful writing.
THIS IS 1 OUT OF 3 RUBRICS I MADE WHILE I FOUND MY SELF IN A SITUATION IN WHICH I NEEDED TO KEEP A RECORD ON HOW WELL MY STUDENTS WERE DOING AND NEEDED SOMETHING TO REGISTER IN THE ADVANCE AND PROGRESS SO THAT AT THE SAME TIME IT WOULD BE USEFUL TO ME FOR FURTHER CONSULTATION AND GRADING. THIS IS THE THIRD RUBRIC OUT OF THREE I MADE WHILE I FOUND MYSELF IN A SITUATION IN WHICH I NEEDED TO KEEP A RECORD ON HOW WELL MY STUDENTS WERE DOING AND NEEDED SOMETHING TO REGISTER IN THE ADVANCE AND PROGRESS SO THAT AT THE SAME TIME IT WOULD BE USEFUL TO ME FOR FURTHER CONSULTATION AND GRADING. This project was created for my 3rd graders and was a way to extend the usual create a map project. With the help of the rubrics teachers can evaluate the written part of the project.It can be used for any topic chosen either by a teacher or a student. This is a speaking evaluation rubric based on which of my students? skills I wanted to assess. These are among the best phonics worksheets, games, videos and flash cards you will find online.
I will use the checklist with points to evaluate your project logbook and formal reports that are due on Monday. Remember that I am allowing you to use your vertebrate comparison table, the study guide on mollusks and arthropods, and the visual organizers that you created for cnidarians, sponges, and 3 worm phyla.
We will watch our iMovies on Friday and you may bring a movie snack to enjoy if it is not too messy.
Today in class we watched a video about birds or mammals, depending on which class you were in.
In class, we discussed what was due to me next Monday and students received a handout outlining the details. Any students working with protist projects should check with me tomorrow as we hope to be able to capture digital video at that time.
For homework tonight please write out your research question (or project goal for a few student projects) and the details of what you will do to complete your research and when you will do it.
I am available this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for after school work in the park.
Please complete thework on your "Little Books" so they can be checked and shared with others on Monday. Here is a good site to summarize some of the concepts that might be on your CRCT next week. Students will be responsible to complete these 12 practice tests for homework during the next few weeks. Today students recorded the rough cut of their voice track of their wildlife videos and downloaded some of the video clips from the server. This assignment does not require the attention of the entire team for the whole class period, so we will continue to work on other things each day.
Please finish the following assignment for homework tonight if you have not yet finished it.
For homework tonight, complete the graphing and analysis questions in the activity from class today.
S7L5.c Explain how the fossil record found in sedimentary rock provides evidence for the long history of changing life forms. Homework: Revise your project research plan to represent your what you are actually doing.
Students will work on data collection outside tomorrow and the forecast is that it will be clear but cold. The timeline for completing this project is about 5 weeks and students should be planning their time to get the work done. EQ - How does the inquiry process lead to scientific theories like the Theory of Evolution?
S7CS9.b Investigate by collecting evidence, reasoning, devising hypotheses, and then formulating explanations to make sense of evidence. Students practiced and probed the inquiry process with a class activity involving three mystery cubes today. How do the lymphatic, integumentary, and endocrine systems function to serve the needs of cells and how do they function to help organisms maintain homeostasis?
What is the substance used to break up fat particles that is produced by the organ that is indicated in the lower picture?

EQ: How do the organ systems interact to serve the needs of cells for oxygen, food, and waste removal?
Monday, today, we investigated the external features and explored inside the mouth of the pigs. Check out the sites linked below for additional information, virtual dissection, and practice quizzes. For homework tonight, please complete all missing work and turn it in to me tomorrow so I can update your grades for this term. So many students have been absent and are struggling to get caught up that I have decided to cut off the introduction of new material and hold the rest of the systems to be included in the next term. Today we completed the Respiratory System notes sheet and completed a lab investigation on the effect of holding one's breath on the rate of respiration. Students will be allowed to use their note sheet for each system during the test next week. The fetal pig dissection week will be carried over to the beginning of the next term- when students return in January.
EQ: Explain how the different organ systems interact with each other to serve the needs of cells for oxygen, food, and waste removal.
If you were absent today, we watched video about the skeleton and completed the note sheet that is attached below. I collected the cardiovascular system note sheet that was completed for homework earlier in the week during class today. There was a little confusion about the research plans and forms that students have been working on lately. Hopefully all questions have been answered and students will be able to complete the assignment and submit it to me for approval on or before Monday, Dec. Students who are engaging in studies of salamanders need to have the Vertebrate Animal form and the student teams that are using the bacteria tests that were ordered will need to complete an additional form. Today students analyzed a graphical recording of the electrical events occurring within the heart. 1.The electrocardiogram is a powerful tool used to diagnose certain types of heart disease.
3.Based on what you have learned regarding electrocardiograms, can they be used to diagnose all heart diseases or defects?
4.Describe a cardiovascular problem that could be diagnosed by a cardiologist using an electrocardiogram. Here are a few interesting sites to help you learn about the parts of the systems of the human body and how they function and interact with each other. Today we performed an experiment using probeware (Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitors) that interfaced with our computers.
All students received the forms for submitting and getting approval for their experiments today. Most students have completed all of the needed parts of the research plan, but some need to be edited.
All students should read pages 536-547 for homework if they did not read it during class time today. Today students modeled the procedure for creating DNA "fingerprints" with an activity called Who Stole the Crown Jewels? Please visit the DNA sites posted yesterday to gain understanding of how this process was developed and what it is like today.
For homework tonight, please complete the review sheet that was given to you in class today.
Thursday there will be a test over the rest of our genetics unit--this includes all of chapter 4. Remember, the workbook pages for chapter 4 are required if you did not make an 80 or higher on the last test. DNA interactive Go to the "Recovering the Romanovs" link for an interesting story related to the royal family of Russia. Tomorrow we will begin the genetic transformation lab procedures that are detailed in your Student Manual on pages 32-37.
Students who did not make an 80 or higher on the last test are reminded that the Chapter 3 Guided Reading Workbook pages are due to be checked by me for a homework grade tomorrow. Tuesday is the due date for the introduction part of the research projects and should be written using the background information found on student note cards. In class to day, we will learn how to use a Punnet square to predict the probability of outcomes of a cross of parents with various traits. As you go through the lessons here, click on the options at the bottom of the page for animations and problems to solve. This handout gives some guidance for students who may need to find a more interesting or more reasonable question for research.
Students need to dress to go outside for class on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (weather permitting). Also, take some time this weekend to explore your other possible park research questions using the format that we used in the media center on Thursday.
Standards: S7L2-Describe the structure and function of cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems. S7L2.a Explain that cells take in nutrients in order to grow and divide and to make needed materials. Today EQ: If cells are the building blocks of life, what are the building blocks of cells? In class today, we used molecular models to learn about carbohydrates, one of the four types of organic compounds found in living things. Tomorrow our class will visit the media center to work on finding a research focus question for independent study projects this year. For homework tonight, write down at least three interesting questions that are suitable for research that is connected to Sweat Mountain Park. Today students visited the Connect 2 Science site at Mabry's Global Learning Collaborative to learn about this interesting opportunity and to read Dr.

For homework tonight: Write three quality interview questions and also tell why you would like to be a student author for this project. The remainder of class was devoted to gaining an understanding of the types of chemical compounds that are in living things.
Our grass heads are just beginning to show tiny roots and tomorrow we will be sorting them into two groups per class- an experimental and a control group. Here is a link to one of the sites that we used in class today to review the parts of cells. Today, students received the following handout that gives more details about how to write the lab report that is due on Friday. Why did the egg change in mass and circumference in some soaking solutions and not in others? For homework tonight, complete the three sections of the handout that deal with membrane transport. Classwork- create a Venn diagram to analyze and compare the characteristics of plant cells, animal cells, and bacteria cells. For homework, students should prepare a first draft of a want ad or job description for their team's organelle. Here is a sample want ad that I found online; it is adapted from the work of a student in South Lake, TX. Your grade will be determined by how well you communicate what you have learned about your organelle. Tomorrow is DEAR time in science and we will spend some time finishing our egg-speriment on membrane transport. Use the above link to get to the list of sites that I have collected for your research on cell organelles. Students who did not have their Wednesday homework when I checked it today should remember to complete it tonight and show it to me for a late grade tomorrow.
Be prepared to turn in your "A closer Look at Skin" lab activity on Thursday that was finished on Tuesday. For homework tonight, please complete your lab report for "A Look Beneath the Skin" found on page 493 in your text.
We begin the last major unit- Human Body Systems- this week so take time to carefully study your mistakes and use your book or ask during class if you need clarification on a concept. We enjoyed examining owl pellets and the bones that they contain on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.
During class on Thursday and Friday, students reviewed some of the concepts from our evolution unit by doing an activity about diatoms in Yellowstone lake. This means that each missed question should be written out on notebook paper and the correct answer written out beside it- not the letter of the correct answer. Hypothesis: If the type of plant material is a fruit, then the percent of water that it contains will be greater than the percent of water found in the other plant parts. Today students worked in groups to evaluate the design qualities of several experiment scenarios. This pages includes support materials for assessments that work with the Common Core State Standards and rubrics for many different assessment products.
So don’t think that the Common Core Standards Writing rubrics posted below are just for English instructors.
They guide users to score writing performance on a 1-5 scale, 1 being inadequate, 5 being exceptional. The items come from the mistakes I noticed my Ss were making in their paragraphs before we had the Rubric. With this complete and thorough rubric i?ve created, you will be able to do that in an easier way. I give it to them so that they can correct the mistakes they?ve made and so that they will use it when writing their assignments, as a kind of checklist. We then present them in class and use them to create role plays, work on giving directions and other fun things. Just enter your list of words and this website will create bingo, dominoes, crossword, memory games, etc.
A multi-level English curriculum featuring cartoon animated videos, engaging games, interactive tests and a progress tracker. The has everything you need to help a child learn to read through phonics: decodable stories, listening exercises, you name it.
Here is a copy of the analysis questions for students who did not finish them during class. It also contains some information on the creation of rubrics and assessment in general.If you find a link that is not working, please let me know the title and I will fix it. Sometime between now and 2014 you and most of your colleagues will be asked to apply a version of these to the writing that’s done in your classrooms.
They lay out specific, consistent qualities that characterize good and bad writing in each of these areas.
The skits are usually the best part, encourage them to pretend a celebrity is visiting or something.
This is how it works: once I have corrected my students? test, I place them on this grid (or rubrics) to situate their strengths and weaknesses.
Two categories are considered, namely 1) content & interest level and 2) technical aspects. An additional part is included to draw students? attention to the grammatical mistakes they have made in their work.
The analysis should be completed for homework tonight and will be collected during class on Tuesday.

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