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For games that involve even more players, you can shuffle two Uno decks together and play with 216 cards. Players are supposed to play the Color or the Value of the card that was discarded by the player before him. However, even when the player has a valid card that he can play, he may choose to draw from the discard pile instead. Once the dealer flips the first card into the discard pile, the player to the dealer’s left must respond by discarding, playing wild cards, or drawing from the stock. Similar to the Wild Card, but the next player must Draw 4 cards then end his turn without discarding. If the stock pile is exhausted, the discard pile is simply collected, shuffled and placed in the stock pile.
You are supposed to play a card of the same Color or the same Value as the previous player.
Winning the Game: Usually, the players keep playing until somebody accumulates a target score such as 500 points.

Minimize the value of cards in your hands: It is a good idea to minimize the value of the cards you hold.
Now that you know how to play Uno, follow this link to find out how you can Play Uno as a Drinking Game. In this manner, he announces to all other players that he will win in the next round should the one card that he holds be playable.
This introduces an element of sneakiness into the game: you can try to slip one pass your opponents, but if they catch you, you have to pay. If you play indecisively by laying down a card then taking it back, your opponents can force you to accept a penalty. So then, early in the game, you ought to discard high value number cards as soon as you can.
It is a shedding card game where the winner is the first to discard all his cards and belongs to the Crazy Eights family of card games. Considering that you hold a lot of Yellow cards in hand, you decide to impose a change in color from Red to Yellow.

Of important note: A player cannot win if he forgets to declare Uno because he is not allowed to discard his last card until he does so. This also makes it harder for other players to discard their high-value cards later on so that if you win, you score more points. In a game where all these cards have yet to come out, the winner’s potential score will be quite high.
For a truly Adult Uno experience, you can combine elements of both to arrive at a Drink and Strip Uno Game. And as you approach the final card in your hand, you want to be sure you can discard it when your turn comes up. If you do this right, you’ll keep your opponents guessing as to how many cards you have left.

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