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I do have Adobe Indesign CS6 for the mac but for some reason I am not able to open any of the Indesign templates on this site. Hi Terry, you can easily add content on any of these folder templates to make your brochure.
Blue is a calm color that evokes feelings of security and safety, making it an ideal motif for this two pocket investment portfolio design template. This PSD template can be used to present financial documents, invoices, receipts, bank statements, contracts, or other materials related to a financial planning organization. You have the rights to use this design as you please except for reselling or distributing it without permission.
Coatings: You may choose any type of coating to apply to this design, including gloss, stain, matte, UV, soft-touch or lamination. Slits: The die cut template includes multiple styles of business card slits that can be applied. This cheat sheet will ensure you don't make costly printing mistakes, design errors, and usability mishaps. Explore this gallery when you're seeking inspiration for your next design or a talented graphic artist with the experience you need. A stylized photograph of an impressive ocean liner greets the audience from the cover of this modern travel folder template. A presentation folder created with this template might contain boarding passes, itineraries, room keys, leaflets, or other documents relevant to a travel company specializing in cruise vacations. Smart objects are layers in Photoshop made up of image data from a separate source such as a raster or vector graphic. You can add as many filters or effects as you like to the object and the original source image will still remain intact.
They’re especially useful when you want to include multiple instances of the same image.

If your design contains multiple instances of a company logo, for example, you could use smart objects to easily replace all of those logos with a different one. Here’s the finished product after replacing the contents of every smart object in the mockup. Vladimir Gendelman is the Founder of Company Folders Inc, a boutique offering 100+ styles of presentation folders. I am a freelance Graphic designer and i design print materials on regular bases for my clients , now using this Awesome resource i am going to Wow my clients fo r sure , Thanks for sharing cheers ! I see this mockup everywhere and finally downloaded it today after reading a post on iapdesign about the best psd mockup downloads. Previously I shared just one free presentation folder InDesign template, now I’m giving away two more exclusive folder designs. The fact that they were saved with a PC version of Indesign CS6 might have something to do with this? The smooth, orderly design features a layout with neatly divided photographs and a simple sans-serif font. Request FREE Samples - Have a free sample of this product with a similar design shipped to your door.2. It combines everything you need to know about designing your next project on one sheet of paper! Make sure you know how to best work with your printer or your lack of knowledge will cost you time and money and may even result in producing an inferior product. Inside, a gleeful father and son grin from the left-hand pocket, exciting the viewer with a sense of fun and adventure. The template allows you to turn your own custom artwork into a polished representation of your finished product.
A folder mockup gives clients and colleagues a much clearer idea of what your finished product will look like compared to a standard flat template that can be difficult to visualize.

You can use your mockup to discover any design issues or errors before sending your artwork to the printer. You can place your customized mockup on a website or blog to elicit instant feedback from your audience.
He leads a team of talented designers and experts dedicated to helping customers create print collateral that puts forth the best possible impression. When I edit the smart objects and save the changes, the mockup isn’t look like the original because the front and the cover are out of original envelope.
These two templates has exactly the same specifications as the previous one (3-panel folder with middle flap as business card holder) except of course for the designs and the included vector files. The photos in this template can be easily replaced with images of a wealth management company’s staff or office, or with other stock images. This helps ensure your project will come out right the first time and you won’t need to rerun the print job. These two designs are perfect if you are looking for a tight budget layout without the need for photos. Download Die Cut Template - Give this template to your designer so they can create your design.4. It contains mostly text and vector graphics which you can easily modify to suit your design needs.
Included on each set are the InDesign source files, InDesign Interchange files (INX), and vector files (Illustrator ai). Preview of the two folder designs are shown below and download links are provided further down.

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