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One great feature that enables your calls to accompany you wherever you go is number re-pointing.
It’s one thing to improve internal operations, but to improve the relationships you carry with customers is most important.
The most recent net neutrality ruling, which was released in February 2015, has significant implications for VoIP service providers as well as their customers.
SIP, VoIP, PRI, ISDN – the list of technical acronyms in the telecommunications industry never seems to end.
We’re serious about VoIP security, especially when it comes to preventing toll fraud. Features like the ones listed below provide an advantage to your business’ operations and convenience to your callers.

With toll free forwarding, you can easily re-point your toll free number and ensure that calls are reaching you or your agents regardless of your location or desired device. With the number re-pointing feature, you have the ability to instantly change where your international toll free number will ring. Your business number is equipped with advanced features that makes communicating with customers more efficient. Whether you need calls to be forwarded to your mobile, landline, SIP, or PBX devices, you can make these changes effortlessly with this feature. However, this is not possible without providing the essentials (and sometime even MORE) to your customers. Toll free forwarding offers your business an instant advantage – free, convenient calls for your customers worldwide.

IVR , or interactive voice response, directs callers to the right place as effectively as possible.
IVR provides a menu for callers to use, pressing 1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Support, and so forth.
This can work for either reaching a specific department or representatives within the company.

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