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Build Your WebsiteDesign a website in minutes using a custom theme, color palette, wedding and pre wedding photos, and more! Invite GuestsInvite your guests via personal wedding site or by email and manage the RSVP list. Socialize!Guests can communicate each other, send message, feedback, and receive updated timing and venue. Custom DomainEvery premium member who registers gets a free custom domain of their choosing. We make it easy for you to pick the right theme to match the look and feel you're going for.
To avoid this situation couples can include their wedding website address in the invitation, which is completely acceptable according to all wedding etiquette experts. Without a website the couple should be prepared to include many extra notes in the invitation that tell out of town guests where hotel arrangements have been made, as well as things to do and see. The benefits of a personal wedding website are plentiful and thanks to the advancements in technology, one can create a website without any knowledge of programming whatsoever.
Wedding websites are not only great to announce your wedding and provide details about what is coming up, but they are just as important to provide information and photos after your wedding.
About the AuthorTeam Wedding, founded in January 2000, is a network of wedding related directories and niche wedding websites designed to alleviate wedding planning stress and to give brides and grooms the one-stop-shop experience they need in this busy, modern world.
This is great news to those who don’t have advanced skills to make a wedding website.
Resolving the gift registry awkwardness alone makes personalized wedsite creation a worthwhile pursuit.

Sharing pictures and stories with friends and family is a primary reason for a couple to have their own wedding website. It is considered inappropriate to tell guests where one is registered in the wedding invitation. When guests visit the website to see their story, pictures, details, and other important information, they can easily find a direct link to their online registries.
Without a website, the happy couple can count on endless phone calls about where and when each event is, not to mention, “What’s the best way to get there”.
Even if this is included in the invitation, guests may forget them when they travel, which means the bride can look forward to many phone calls on the weekend of the wedding. Chasing guests for the response to whether they are attending can be a test in one’s patience. There are several companies that make it as easy as filling in forms with your information. Prices have come down drastically in the last two years and most companies offer a free trial, so you can try before you buy.
You know everyone is waiting for you to bring your wedding album over so why make them wait?
Top Wedding Sites, is the Internet’s first directory of the top ranked wedding sites, voted on by brides, grooms and others interested in hosting a wedding.
Couples can easily share their pictures as well as provide their guest a more detailed information about their wedding event.
Moreover, including important information will eliminate questions that accompanied weddings in the pre-internet era.

This results in many phone calls by guests attempting to discover where the couple’s registry is located.
This makes it easy for their guests to give them the gifts they want to receive without breeching the proper etiquette of directly asking for gifts in the invitation. For whatever reason some guests seem to take there time returning the RSVP card that usually accompanies the invitation. Create a website to make life easier for you and your guests and as a bonus you will have a blast doing it.
If the guest is not close to the immediate family, they will not know whom to call to find out what stores the couple has selected to receive their gifts. Perhaps they slipped it in a drawer, meaning to get to it later or they simply lost the undersized envelope accidentally. You can also update your website with honeymoon photos and comments; everyone will love to hear about your trip.
The guests can be as uncomfortable as the couple about having to disturb them by calling or emailing with questions. This results in yet another unwanted bowl or serving piece that the couple will have to return the day after the wedding, which is time consuming if not stressful. A great way to remind people to visit your site after the wedding is to print your web address on your favors, or to print it on your thank you cards.

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