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You’re invited to join holistic health coach & yoga teacher Ana Poirier for this FREE fun, supportive & energizing 10-Day online community experience!
Enjoy delicious foods, mindful practices & access to top quality professional products while you bring your body into a state of optimal health and energy to assist you in fulfilling all of your aspirations for the coming months. The Yoga Body Cleanse was designed by Ana as an effective, yet gentle Mind-Body cleanse that combines the very best of modern nutrition, ancient wisdom and yoga-based practices that goes way beyond your typical “diet”.
This cleanse is perfect for you whether you are an experienced cleanser or a complete “cleanse virgin”. The Yoga Body FREE online Cleanse consists of 2 mp3 audios, complete guidebook, access to professional grade cleanse kit, inspirational emails, and private online forum where you will have the opportunity to ask questions of Ana and your co-cleansers, as well as share experiences, tips and support. The recipes for meals and snacks were all wonderful, and it helped to be accountable to someone other than myself. I’m a busy graphic designer who spends a lot of time at a desk…I find that this environment can be a REAL struggle to engage in activity and healthy eating.
A: Internet connection, phone, basic kitchen supplies and a desire to uplevel your health in mind, body and spirit. A: Not if you learn to streamline and use Ana’s tips to make this experience as easy as possible. A: This is a personal decision based on what your schedule allows, and what you desire to get out of the experience.

Q: Will I be running to the bathroom every 5 minutes or experiencing uncomfortable symptoms? A: No, you should not be running to the bathroom at all, but should notice healthier bowel function and feeling less bloated, etc.
Thanks Carol, not sure why this happened for you … but you have been added, and should receive your first confirmation email momentarily. Yes, start time is flexible … and I may shift us a little earlier to accommodate some of my own shifting travel plans and some requests from other cleansers. Sorry to hear about the difficulties … we are looking into why this would be happening. Sorry to hear you are having difficulty, but my assistant is in the process of seeing what might be the issue. You’ll receive guidance on how to customize for the most fulfilling and effective experience possible. I was feeling very lethargic and carrying a little extra winter weight so it was the perfect time to do a cleanse.
A week of yoga and wholesome organic foods had me full of energy and free of tension headaches. Most people find they have no problem with maintaining a normal schedule, however, there will be suggestions for mindful practices and relaxation to enhance your experience and results.

Most people do not experience any severe symptoms as Ana has designed this to be gentle, yet effective.
The email in your comment seems to not be a valid address, so you may not have entered it correctly in signing up. I cleansed for about 10 days and was rewarded with high mental clarity, lightness of being and a better understanding of who I am, and where I’m going.
If you decide to use the strongly recommended kit, you will be replacing some of your meals with the food-based supplements and many report this as being an enormous convenience. Ana will offer support on how you wean off caffeine and alcohol slowly to avoid headaches and withdrawal.
You will be following one of Ana’s absolute favorite cleanses, and a favorite amongst her private clients.
I wanted to limit the lack of energy, stomach issues and general overdrive that was so available in my life.

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