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Conversion to 10+ file formats including PDF to AutoCAD, HTML, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and so on.
We receive several PDFs in our office - not everyone has full versions of Adobe on their machines so this allows me to convert the documents into a format that they can edit and return. I would recommend PCE because it’s great value for money especially considering the benefits provided by increasing efficiency and reducing the reliance on paper. Download this all in one free video converter software called “Freemake video converter” and enjoy video converting, ripping and burning videos with this video converter!
Freemake video converter is not a mere video converter as its name may suggest.It is a tool to rip DVD, burn DVD and also to carry out some basic video editing tasks.
The tool developers haven’t stopped with the above but went on to build within the tool, the ability to create amazing photo slide-shows! Freemake Video Converter can convert videos from several different formats to all the most popular video formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, DVD and MP3. Free download Freemake video converter from here and enjoy the amazing all in one tool for free. Any audio converter can also convert other unprotected audio formats and extract audio from all popular video formats, including those that you can download from video streaming sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, etc.
The software can convert between all popular audio and video formats including AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, ASF, FLV, MP3, M4A, WMA, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AU, MP2 and AC3. Any audio converter supports drag and drop conversion and it is thus easy to convert any audio or extract music from any video. You can then choose an appropriate profile (MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG and WAVE audio output formats), select start and stop time, stop time, bit-rate, audio sample rate and audio channel. Disadvantage: Not support batch conversion, another problem, you cannot convert PDF to Word when there is no network. As most online PDF to Word converter cannot support batch conversion, but people occasionally need to batch convert PDF to Word documents to save time. Let’s say that you would like to download and install a trial version of PDF Converter Elite.
Convert not only your data storage units like bits, kilobytes, nibbles, petabits, and gigabytes, but also units like mass, area, length, pressure, temperatures, volume, angle and even time.
All of the available unit converters are divided into 9 groups for easier access and better organization. Also, the free unit converter’s simple drag-and-drop feature also allows you to organize the unit converters yourself, according to which ones you use most frequently. This entry was posted in Freeware, Online Tools, Productivity Tools and tagged online converter, unit converter by Cindy Pearson.

Free Online Converter includes online audio converter, online video converter, online image converter, online document converter, online ebook converter, and online hash generator.
It’s so easy to use and it has helped me convert contracts to word so that I can modify them, without having to retype 8-10 pages of text, thus saving me a ton of time.
Instead of having to totally reproduce many documents to make edits to them - we can simply convert them into a format that allows us to edit the document. We use it on a daily basis for our online bill paying, contracts, invoicing and saving documentation such as saving important emails and other critical documents that don’t originate as a pdf. I would strongly recommend this application to anyone who is in the market for PDF conversion software.
It not only converts documents, it also allows you to choose from several different formats and programs.
The software takes you by the hand in the conversion process, it is the easiest conversion product that I have found. A lot of reports which come in PDF format but needs to be worked on are now easily converted to Excel formats.
It is amazing that the developers are offering this as a free software, as it has several features built within it.
As a free video editing software, you can cut videos, join videos, rotate or flip videos and also publish videos to Youtube. The developers have done everything right in building this free software, except perhaps in choosing an appropriate name for it. You can convert several videos simultaneously, using one and the same preset, with this free tool. The program doesn’t have a two-hour limit like most other DVD burning software, as it allows to burn up to 20 hours of video to a Standard DVD or 40 hours to DVD-DL.
You can create your own photo slide-shows with background music and upload it to YouTube or make DVD photo slide shows!
It can be used to do some very basic video editing tasks like cutting unwanted sections from video files, rotate or flip videos and join several videos into one file to get a full-length film. We had covered several audio converters and extractors and this freeware is yet another good audio converter.It is a versatile and an intuitive software to convert audio between MP3, WMA, WAVE, AAC, M4A and OGG formats.
It also supports conversion of multiple video and audio files (in batches) to MP3, OGG Vorbis, WAVE, AAC , MPEG-4 and WMA audio formats.
To choose an efficient PDF to Word converter, one should make a decision based on the specific circumstance.
Even, it could allow you to convert encrypted PDFs, and the output quality is good enough as some paid PDF to Word converter.

The quality of output Word files is top-north, as this application could preserve all contents, not just the layouts and formatting, but also tables, graphic objects like Line, Curve and Rectangle. If you occasionally convert several PDFs to Word files, try free online PDF to Word converter; but if you are in regular need to convert many PDF files to Word, you can count on Simpo PDF to Word converter, and the Mac version is available for a try. One conversion that is commonly needed is megabytes (MB) to gigabytes (GB), especially when you are evaluating how much space you have on your hard drive.
If you check out the system requirements for installing and running the software, you will see that you need a minimum of 35MB in available disk space. Of course, you can always ask Google, but another handy way is to find a free online unit converter, bookmark the page, and go back to it whenever you need to convert data storage units.
First, find the type of units you wish to convert from the nine available categories (mass, data storage, volume, length, etc). Now, on the left hand side drop-down menu, select the unit you want to convert (Megabyte), and on the right hand side drop-down menu, select the unit that you want it to be converted into (Gigabyte). I have tried other products similar to this and this product seems to be the best fit for us.Overall, pretty satisfied. If you want to extract audio or music from Youtube, click the Youtube button or paste the video URL in the tool’s interface.
Many times you will need to convert these units when you are looking to download and install software on your personal computer and need to check whether you have enough available disk space. Its fast in conversion, there's no limit to how many pages, It converts exact information without distortions. The program will cut videos (if required) into 15-minute parts and insert them into one YouTube playlist. You can choose the right one after comparing each of the advantages and disadvantages as the factors mentioned above. And it provides the other output - PDF to Text, so it saves you money to purchase a PDF to Text converter. From the flexible way to purchase and get the license to its usage, I would rate the product 9 of out 10.

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