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Recently I updated our application to use the latest version of Phony and some tests started to fail, specifically the ones around emergency numbers. At this point git took over and jumped through commits, executing this script until it found the first commit that caused this script to fail. Thanks to the feedback from Florian I changed our application to handle all emergency numbers in a different way.
I’ve read dozens of Web pages on how to season cast iron, and there is no consensus in the advice.
I spent a while looking at it, and I just couldn't figure out what it was supposed to be, until she explained that it was an egg in a face mask, and introduced me to the wonderful world of Sunny Eggy. Facebook stickers are a strange concept to begin with, but the Sunny Eggy sticker set is especially strange.
The more I look through the Sunny Eggy images the more I feel like I am just scratching the surface. The images use a lot of manga iconography, like the little angry cruciform, that makes me suspect that the stickers are Japanese in origin, but that's not a lot to go on.
Plumen 002 is a more simplistic and poetic design, to suit its warmer, softer light and the more ambient surroundings it was created for.

Monument Valley is a puzzle game for iOS (and soon Android) that tasks you with helping Ida on her journey through the ruins of a colourful, geometrically impossible kingdom. This is a beautiful game - the art style is minimalist and polygonal without being difficult to interpret and it looks as though every pixel was carefully placed, even when you're manipulating the world by rotating towers or pulling at parapets to make new paths. And the games' sound design is great as well, subtle sound effects make the world feel tangible, and when you slide your finger to pull a platform you hear feedback in the form of gentle, relaxing musical notes. The world is filled with optical illusions like Penrose triangles and platforms that only align from a certain angle, where the perspective of the player determines whether a path is walkable or not.
The game only takes about 2 hours to complete (to be honest I lost track of time while playing) but still manages to tell a story – not a very complex story, and a lot is left to the imagination, but I still felt moments of joy and sadness as I helped Ida on her quest. Mapbox have combined their Streets map with this footage captured from Skybox's SkySat-1.
There's a discussion on Hacker News about the difficulties and implications of the technology. It was a lot of fun, even though we were the only group in the office that didn't build something practical! After a bit of investigation in the rails console I discovered that the following command ran successfully before the version bump and failed afterwards.

It does matter what oil you use, and the oil that gives the best results is not in this list. A lot of them were uninteresting, but I decided to re-post some of them here with the original dates. I remember I used to take a long time to publish posts because I wanted to make sure everything was perfect, but reading them back now the language that I use seems awkward, and there are a few typos that I've corrected.
Luminosity is equivalent to a 30W incandescent bulb and the colour is 2500k which is warmer than the Plumen 001 that is 2700k. Not an egg in a shell, but the yolk and white of an egg, with a little face and arms and legs.

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