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Paste board or card stock: It is a thicker paper which is used for making the album or outer cover of your scrapbook. Light weight papers with patterns on it: These kinds of papers come in a wide range of colors where you can choose from. Scissors of medium size: You must have a good quality scissors to do some craft for your scrapbook.
Journal pens: The markers and pens you choose needs to be acid free so that they don’t create impressions at the back of the paper when you write.
Avoid white washing the scrapbook: If the scrapbook is regarding the wedding, many people use only white color for the scrapbook.
Make it with fun: Avoid using soft light snaps in your scrapbook because it will make your scrapbook look very dull and gloomy. Including others: Of course it is the special day of a bride and bridegroom but you have to include other people too who were at the wedding.

The software offers a variety of templates if you’re not interesting in hand-crafting and editing a collage (but there are options to get more hands-on as well). There are two versions of the software: a Pro version for $40, contains a more generous selection of templates and a larger library of clip art, backgrounds, more font choices and the ability to produce multi- page projects. Make sure that it is acid free so that it doesn’t get spoiled if something is spilt over it. It must look brighter and with lot of fun journaling so that when you turn the pages and read them after a couple of years, you will feel happy and excited. He has been covering the photographic world for the past ten years for a variety of publications including PDN, This Week in Consumer Electronics and Digital Photographer.
Apart from white, you can select light colors like lavender, light grey, silver, golden, light peach etc. You can download a free trial, although anything you create will be water-marked (the watermark disappears if you eventually purchase the program).

The scrapbook page layouts are designed in a way so that users can pick a theme based on the pictures they have. The layouts can be categorized into many types like: Christmas layout, birthday layouts, baby shower layout, wedding album layout etc.
The following tips may help them in what has to be done when handmade scrapbooks are involved.

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