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Some consider this process to have now become excessively controlled by a profitable scientific publishing industry, which could even be exploiting scientists and restricting public access to scientific knowledge. It should also be noted that under Article 17 of the Convention on Biological Diversity, effective data repatriation is an obligation after study of the plants of other countries, and making these publications available online is an attempt to live up to that expectation. Free online publication of books and articles (Open Access) is slowly becoming more common e.g.

Potters (eds.), Proceedings of the 9th World Bamboo Congress, 10-12 April 2012, Antwerp, Belgium. It can greatly increase citation and consequently status, submissions, and advertising potential for journals, but reduces subscription income, requiring a new business model for publishers, reallocation of institutional journal subscription funds to open access publication fees, and a better solution for independent researchers.

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