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Age of Empires is a real time strategy game that was first released in 1997 and has since come out with 6 squeals and 3 spin offs. Players can play this game with their friends if they would like while creating either friendly rivals or allies. For all of the reasons mentioned above and more, online game players are always looking for free alternatives to Age of Empires.
Within Castle Empire, players of this amazing game control a group of settlers who are simply trying to turn their tiny village into a great empire with flourishing castles and structures.
Grepolis is a massively multiplayer online game that is completely browser based and set in Ancient Greece.
Chronicles of Merlin is a real time strategy game that seems to be a great mix between games like Age of Empires and Risk.
We know there are games out there on the internet exactly like the ones you pay for and we want to connect you to those games. If you cannot find the games that you are looking for on Free Games Like, contact us and we will try to get this information on the site as soon as possible. Last Chaos was originally released in 2006 and was also one of the first games that Aeria Games ever published. The amount of content that the game shares with its users is what sets Last Chaos apart from all other MMORPG’s. Although the developers are tyring to make some great improvements to the game, it is still lacking in some areas and for that reason users are moving to better well knowm MMORPG’s on the market. Drakensang Online is a new massively multiplayer online role playing game that looks a lot like Diablo but with much better graphics and design.
Angry Birds has probably made history as one of the best gaming apps for the touch, tablet devices.
I hope you like these games coz I found them quite addictive and interesting, especially they are online flash games so its easy to access them if you bookmark them. Games like Wizard 101 can be tough to find but don’t worry because we have got you covered. The game follows a very unique and exciting storyline that revolves around the players character at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts discovering an evil professor and trying to foil his masterful plans. Fiesta is another massively multiplayer online role playing game with graphics very similar to both Wizard 101 and Luvinia and is one of our top picks. Jade Dynasty is a massively multiplayer online role playing game based on ancient Chinese mythology. Luvinia is a 3D fantasy based massively multiplayer online role playing game with eye catching anime style graphics very much like Wizard 101.
Florensia is a 3D massively multiplayer online role playing game with cel-shaded anime styled graphics and intense quest play. Players can also battle at sea as well as own their own ship which gets them from one continent to another within Florensia itself.
Grand Fantasia is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that has graphics while combing one of the best pet systems around with the best of MMORPG elements. Dragon soul is an Asian style massively multiplayer online role playing game set in a land of chaos and war where men and monster are battling for ultimate domination. At the start of the game, the character you control is a new wizard without any experience in wizardry. Feel free to take a look around, meet the Waverunners, and see how the foundation is being set in place, by building a softball powerhouse in Indiana! Everyone knows how awesome this game is and it can easily be compared to a game such as Civilization or even Evony.
Not only can you just create an empire in this game but you can also embark on quests and explore an open world of animated characters and epic tales. Well look no further because we have found a bunch of games online as closely related to it as possible and every single one of them is completely free to play.
This game truly brings all the features that Age of Empires does but is a free to play browser based strategy game and it even does it with great graphics and design. You can send workers into the forest to cut down trees and gather resources which allows you to build your city faster.

Within this game, players simply build their own massive city and then raise their armies to take over the world with.
Players have the ability to construct massive cities to grow their armies and then their armies can be sent out to attack other civilizations across the land. This game is very much like those of all other massively multiplayer online role playing games in which going on quests and fighting your way through dark dungeons is a reoccurring thing. Features such as a very high level cap, a great crafting system and even land based and flying mounts are just a few of the things that players of Last Chaos love about the game.
There are a ton of other games like Last Chaos out there and I am going to give you a list of the top ones! After that the PC version of Angry Birds was launched which was also a great hit leading to widespread fanaticism for Angry Birds stuff, merchandise etc. Rumor has it that King Blutias has built sturdier castles in his cluster of islands known as Crushtania the Redvonian King wants them crushed. You can earn one of the three medals (Clear, Decisive and Brilliant Victory) and also you can loot each castle by hitting the treasure chest.
Wizard 101 is a 3D massively multiplayer online role playing game where players take on the role of a wizardry student to ultimately save the world within which is called Spiral. Like most other MMORPG’s, this game is largely based on a quest system where players fulfill certain challenges within the game while also collecting certain items along the way. Players take the role of a character that is stuck in a game world split into two alliances that are at complete war.
The great feature of this amazing game, which is one of a kind, is that players can level up both on land and at sea. What is so great about this feature of the game is that you can level up your character as well as your ship. With awesome cel-shaded graphics and design, Grand Fantasia is easily making its way to the top of the list in the MMORPG genre. Complete challenging quests and even battle other players online in this awesome 3D MMORPG.
In this game, you get to play the role of a student who studies wizardry in order to try to save Spiral. Did we miss any games you think we should of included in our list of comparable games for wizard 101?
Within this game players simply create a Greek civilization in which they progress through being a tiny village to a massive empire. We have tried to list them according to relevancy meaning the first game is the closest as possible to Age of Empires (Which it really is almost an exact match!). When you see a knock off game of another game you usually think that it is going to be bad graphics and limited game play. Armies can consist of land troops, naval troops and even mythological troops that are very powerful. Outside of the building process within Chronicles of Merlin, the game reminds me of a 3D risk game .
However, over the past few years Last Chaos has made improvements to its gameplay and design. Recently, the developers of the game have decided to regularly update this game and the support forums and in game support of vastly improved.
There is also an epic story line and even more quests to complete than you would know what to do with. The King has sent you, his Seige Master, and Halgrim his finest mason, to assemble the greatest minds in the land to destroy Blutias’s empire. Along the way, players get to battle a variety of evil creatures through spell casting using a turn-based game combat system.
It is a great experience and there are a ton of games like Wizard 101 that can be found online and are completely free to play.
There is a unique item gathering system and crafting system implemented into Fiesta as well. Not only are the characters based on ancient Chinese mythology but so are the monsters as well as the landscape which is what sets Jade Dynasty away from most other MMORPG’s.

The world within Luvinia is full of diverse and refreshing environments that are nothing like any other MMORPG which is a great feature to have.
On land players can explore a vast game world with awesome graphics while at the same time battling evil creatures. There are even different classes of ships to choose from exactly like there is when choosing a character. Its gameplay involves going on challenging quests while at the same time battling evil monsters across the land.
There are over 150 different skills to master within Dragon Soul and also a unique pet raising system where players can collect and raise pets to assist them in battles throughout the game. Whichever school you choose to attend will determine what magic spells are available for the character in combat. We pride ourselves on hard work, dedication, and improvement; while enjoying the game of fastpitch softball.
Age of Empires allows its players to engage in adventure and even history and has a ton of in game features to offer. All buildings can be upgraded and obviously the more you upgrade a building the larger and more castle like it becomes.
Grepolis shares many of the same features that Age of Empires does but also takes a lot of features that Civilization has. MMORPG’s have been around for quite some time and this change could help Last Chaos move towards the top of this niche. Drakensang has a ton of features to bring to its users including breathtaking landscapes, gruesome monsters around every corner of the land and a ton of character options. With the items that players collect, they can craft certain weapons and armor if they so choose.
There is a huge variety of skills for characters to master while taking part in challenging quests as well as player vs player battles within this action packed game. There is even a 100 story building that players can work there way up where each floor becomes more challenging. Florensia has so many features that I just cannot sit here and talk about or I would be going on forever. Conquering challenging dungeons and leveling your character up are the main goals within this action packed MMORPG which rivals the wizard 101 game in the battle system.
In addition to try to save the world, you battle many different types of creatures by using different spells that you have recently learned. Bartleby is very important in Wizard 101 because it helps protect all eight worlds establishing an internal connection along the Spiral.
We will update this list on a weekly basis if we find any new mmorpg’s that we feel deserve a look. Our goal as a team is to develop as softball players and build character within ourselves as well as represent our communities as responsible and classy individuals. Castle Empire has so much to offer its users while being a free to play browser game and for that reason it has become one of my favorite online games. Capturing different parts of the land and gathering different resources are key to becoming the most powerful force in Chronicles of Merlin. With multiple game play modes to check out and very fast paced action filled combat, you would be foolish not to check this game out! Fiesta’s cel-shaded anime style graphics make for a very vibrant and upbeat atmospere and gameplay. Players can explore the world while at the same time unlocking secrets and discovering new items.
To advance in the game, you must accept new adventures to collect gold and equipment, and to gain experience in new spells. We have been established in the area for several years and have helped to teach young ladies the skills needed to become champions on and off the field.

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