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Collection of 46 images from the CDC PHIL library that includes: thermometer, blood collection, gloves, collection tubes etc. Teaching about proper health and nutrition can be bogged down with lectures and often struggle with getting students involved in activities that model good health. It's All About BalanceWhether it's a balanced diet or a balanced lesson, balance is essential. Get Down to the Nitty GrittyIt's hard to teach a lesson about health and nutrition without bringing up germs and how they spread. Royalty-free cartoon styled nutrition clip art graphic of a red apple cartoon character riding a red bicycle. A set of 5 colourful A4 sized posters showing how exercise positively impacts upon different areas of the body including: muscles, bones the mind and heart.
The children’s version provides audio that will automatically say the nutrition word when selected. Naturopathy and Nutritional Counseling are unique and exciting innovations in health care today. While most dietitians dwell on calorie counting, portion size and restrictions, at Reinventing Wellness we teach patients and clients how to create a happy, healthy lifestyle that is flexible, fun and free from deprivation.A  We will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you.
And don't forget to order your copy of Sarah Stout's book Honestly Gluten Free & Dairy Free.

Click here to order your copy of Sarah's new cookbook, Honestly Gluten Free & Dairy Free. When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve? I will discuss your unique situation in depth to determine how I can assist you in reaching your personal best when it comes to your health and wellness.
Find ways to add engagement to an everyday lessons about nutrition, fitness and overall wellness with the practical lesson ideas and resources in this theme. To introduce germs to primary students, start out by having students draw pictures of or sort things that should and should not be shared.
This colorful interactive feature reviews the healthy messages on how to create a healthy balanced meal with foods from each of the food groups. This colorful interactive feature reviews the food groups and oils and the importance of daily activity.
As a Naturopath, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Natural Health Counselor and Raw Foods Chef, I will recommend the lifestyle approach that works best for you as an individual. Other learning activities can include:- Creating a graphic organizer on the ways students can keep their body's healthy- Simulating how germs spread by having a student dip their hand in flour and then shake hands with other students- Conducting a petri dish experiment to identify which area have the most the germsFor older students, teaching good hygiene and changing bodies can be a sensitive and embarrassing subject.
We know that kids like to learn in fun ways and using technology in your classroom helps engage the child.

Just as you have unique fingerprints, you require a individualized approach to your health.A  No one approach works for everyone! Addressing what foods are best, why diets dona€™t work, what food allergies and intolerance mean, and how to eat defensively (even when dining out), Sarah explains how to stock your pantry so that healthy options become the easy choice and offers simple ways to adapt recipes to accommodate your needs.
The second part challenges the child to compare labels and select the food label with the correct answer. These free nutrition education tools send similar messages to both the parent and child, so the entire family can work as a team to establish good nutrition at home. Start out with a sorting activity like the one pictured from Core Learning Health: Nutrition Basics where students take foods from their everyday diet and build a balanced dinner plate. To make this activity more challenging have students place food into the appropriate food group on the food guide pyramid. Another way to get your students to take charge of their nutrition is to have them keep a food journal, and then use the data as a platform to introduce proper nutrition and balanced diets. If you need more guidance on incorporating the use of ActiVote or ActivExpression in your classroom, you might find our videos titled Enhanced Multiple Choice, Numeric and Text Answers, Sorting and Likert Scales or Ad Hoc Questions helpful.

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