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Dominic wrote on 28 February, 2010, 17:54This is definitely the site ive been lookin for i will sneak in a few words for you guys. I have pictures from the internet of the F#m chord and it looks exactly like the Dmaj7 chord you have on this chart. Lynne Cason wrote on 6 February, 2012, 11:25PS apologies for duplicates on my previous question. Thanks a lot for providing great things,if u can give some lesson for free it would be great. Guitarissts Johnson wrote on 11 April, 2013, 17:48My guitar lessons is going on and I am feeling so hard to learn it. My dear reader, since music has no end then similarly guitar chords has no end too, you can create your own chords also!

These open string chords are some of the easier chords to play yet possess a beautiful, full-bodied sound that bring even advanced guitarists back to them time and again.
It, in fact, is a bar chord (or barre chord, if you prefer) in that it does not use any open strings. First of all i want to wish or rather prophesy to you a greater anticipations as you celebrate xmas.
You see, the numbered dots on the diagram are your fingers, so 1= index, 2=middle, 3= ring, 4= pinkie. I was wondering if you could review my guitar chords site and tell me what you think and if you would be interested in placing a link to it.
Still, it is such a common companion to many of the chords listed, I included it here for easy reference.

Sir for days now i have been looking for a place were i can learn how to play guitar as a beginner. Then, the lines going downward (horizontal) are the frets, the metal lines across the neck of the guitar.
The Fm is the same but on the first fret, so that makes sense that if moved up a fret it would become an F#m. Not only did you fail to add this chord, but you also omitted the letter from the alphabet when you skipped from A to C.

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