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Thankfully, children just love using computers and the internet, so it only makes sense to use these powerful tools to help them learn and practice math concepts. So let’s take a quick look at some helpful sites where children can learn math in unique and entertaining ways.
The site offers very entertaining and varied math games with a playful look that are sure to appeal to kids of all ages. While the IXL website might not look as playful or kid-oriented as our previous entry, it offers a great array of games, as well as short, simple tests that are laid out in a very intuitive way. Covering math games that span different mechanics is definitely the most appealing feature of the Fun School website, which also sports games on several other subjects besides math.

One downside of the Fun School website though, is that its selection is not as expansive as what you can find on other websites on this list, although that doesn’t take away any merit from it.
Of all the websites on this list, freeMATHhelp is easily the best to help your child start the transition from basic math games to more advanced math concepts. The website offers a nice (although quite limited to be honest) selection of games that are  entertaining too.
Thankfully, it makes up for this deficit with its extensive selection of math lessons, which explain various advanced concepts in ways that are easy to understand for both parents and their children.
And if you happen to know about other websites where children can learn math while having fun, make sure to let us know in the comments below.

Tests and games are divided in grades and topics, which are in turn, subdivided in different categories and arranged in order of difficulty, making it relatively painless to progress through particular topics. Make sure to explore all of these websites as much as possible, since they offer a lot more options than the ones mentioned here. Once you do and find the one that suits your child’s learning style the best, they will benefit immensely from it.

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