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Kim Grundy is a mom, writer, expert laundry folder and sandwich maker, not necessarily in that order. Create your movie tickets by cutting them out of construction paper or card stock using serrated scissors for a fun edge.
Perforated business cards are another great way to make movie tickets because they are the perfect size and the perforation makes them easy to detach and use. Make movie night extra fun by having guests or family members redeem their ticket by getting it punched with a hole punch or stamped with a colorful stamp. Take pictures of each member of your family and print them out on card stock using a colored printer. Another fun idea is to customize your movie tickets by cutting them into fun shapes that go along with the movie. I’m no graphic designer, but there is something about creating invitations that I enjoy. Maybe because I’m cheap, and I know with a little time on Corel and some creativity I can make an invitation cheaper than I can buy them? Maybe you’d like to host a movie night too, and you’re looking for easy, inexpensive invites? There are two options for the template – one indicates that it is an outdoor event, the other could be for any kind of movie party. Click here to download an invitation that specifies that it is an outdoor event shown above. EDIT: Don’t want to have to hand write them or want a slight modification to the invitation?
Unfortunately, with this template, you will need to print them and fill out each card by hand. I was wondering if it would be possible to prepare customised invitations to give out this coming Monday, ( unless you had the time to do them by 1pm CET tomorrow ;). I would love a customized outdoor movie invite if that option is still available… if so is a quick turn around possible?

Hi Jenna, I REALLY need these for my daughters party please send me the info to have her invitations customized. Not only is this a fun family activity, but homemade movie tickets are a great keepsake item. You can also search online for other printable movie ticket templates to invite friends and family over for movie night. For instance, for a Twilight movie night, you could print them on red paper and sprinkle with glitter so they look like Edward's "sparkling" face.
Type out the date, time and place on a separate piece of paper, then cut it out and glue it to your movie ticket. For instance, if you are watching How to Train Your Dragon, cut the tickets into a dragon on green construction paper, and use gems for the eyes and along the back of the dragon. Cut one long rectangle out of construction paper to make the waist of the karate belt and two shorter pieces to make the ties. Write one word on the back of the ticket that you know will be used frequently in the movie (for instance, the word Hogwarts for Harry Potter), and have your kids count how many times that word is used in the movie.
When we decided on an outdoor movie celebration for Mr B’s 5th birthday party, I wanted to create an invitation to go along with our theme.
I love the ticket idea you made but for some reason i can’t get it to let me type in my info. I am having an old Hollywood themed wedding and this is the only invitation that I have seen that I LOVE. Also would it be possbile to have 4 invitations per page (landscape) as it looks more relaistic like a real ticket. From easy printable options to customized tickets, check out our DIY ideas for making your own movie night tickets.
Decorate the ticket with movie-themed stickers, then punch a hole with a hole punch and add some decorative ribbon for a little embellishment. On the ticket, include the name of the movie, time, date and address of your house or location where you will be showing the movie.

Add their name to the movie ticket using markers or rubber stamps, then decorate it with craft supplies (stickers, gems, ribbons) and write the name, date and location of the movie.
Glue the ties onto the waist piece, then cut out a circle to form the knot of the karate belt. I was wondering if you could also change it a bit for me and send me a link to open it and be able to print it. Kinldy let me know if you acccept paypal and I’ll e-mail you the details of the party.
Get your kids involved by taking them with you to the craft store to help you pick out items for the movie tickets. Flash cards also work well for making movie tickets, and they are usually available in a variety of fun colors.
Glue the knot piece on top of the ties, then use a marker to write the name of the movie onto the movie ticket.
I wonder if you would be able to email me a word copy of this ticket so that I can re-word it without the format all screwing up!
Other ticket shape ideas include cars, trains, animals, food or even a magic wand for Harry Potter fans.
In fact, if you order 10,000 tickets or less, we can print and ship your order THE SAME DAY!There's reason why we're one of the biggest ticket printing companies in the USA! Customers trust us, and our customer service is second to none.There are 2 ways to get your ticketsFeeling creative?

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