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Age Disclosure: By signing up for this web site you are affirming your age as being above 18 and that it is legal for you to view adult content. A few more reincarnations had happened for this fabric in my head before I finally made this maxi skirt.
And that it was never thrown across the room in a fit of sewing fury (you know what I’m talking about).
As with the majority of things I attempt, this is a very easy project, and took me three days only.

One day to draft the pattern, one day to cut it and overlock it, and then one day to sew it all together.
I’ll do a proper blog post on Project 333, but in a nutshell, it is an experiment in minimalism started up Courtney, where you can choose only 33 items for your wardrobe to wear over 3 months. The elastic waistband means you can wear it on your hips or your waist, you can even pull it up and wear it as a dress.
I overlocked the waist and hem, and then overlocked the edges to create a tube.Step 3Make the outer skirt.

Step 4Pin lining on to the outer skirt, ensuring the right side of the outer skirt is facing inwards.Step 5Fold both fabrics together to create waistband and stitch, leaving 3cm gap.

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