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Christoph has helped quite a lot of SaaS startups to create their dashboards and today he is willing to share his knowledge with other entrepreneurs who want to keep track of the important metrics of a SaaS startup and fine-tune the KPI dashboard. The dashboard looks quite similar to the financial planning sheet that was previously posted. This free SaaS Plan template may help you to keep track of all the important metrics in a SaaS startup. The Google Docs spreadsheet also contains a column on the right side so you can learn how to read the template and he promised to add a few additional details. Free Dashboard PowerPoint template is a free presentation dashboard layout created for PowerPoint presentations that you can use to show your most important KPI and indicators in a single slide. This free dashboard template for PowerPoint is great for business management and performance management presentations. The dashboard design comes in a widescreen format (16:9 aspect ratio) so you can use it in modern presentations to show your charts and data in a single slide as well as performance reports or performance appraisal documents.
The free dashboard template for PowerPoint presentations contains four components in the single layout.
You can change the layout content to show your own custom shapes or KPIs, for example to show a thermometer or download any other PowerPoint shape from our gallery.
PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp.
Goal Target Shapes for PowerPoint is a presentation template containing a set of target and arrows shapes that you can use to create presentations on goals and objectives using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Free KPI Indicators PowerPoint template is a simple slide design with shapes that you can use in dashboards as Key Performance Indicators.
Free business agenda slide design with pointed text circles is a free PowerPoint design for presentations that you can use to represent different ideas, topics or even business goals in a single slide. Free Target Achieved PowerPoint Template is a simple presentation template for project planning and strategic planning that you can use to describe the goals and targets you have achieved. One Action and Six Repercussions PowerPoint template is a very simple template for complex business situations when you need to show the outcome produced by one action in your organization.
Business Strategy Ideas template for Microsoft PowerPoint is a simple template with an original business strategy design that you can use to decorate your presentations. Business Goals Diagram Template for PowerPoint is a simple presentation template that you can download for free to decorate your business presentations and slides with original designs. This is a free Bowling PowerPoint template and bowling slide design that you can download to make awesome PowerPoint presentations on games but also on strategy, goals and objectives. We agree with him that every situation is a bit different but there are some common features that may overlap so this free template may be useful for other entrepreneurs who are in a similar position of managing a SaaS startup (Software-as-a-Service).
Even if this template is created in Google Docs, there is also an Excel version but Christoph will share it for free if you send him an email or if you pay with a Tweet. There are many other free startup templates that may worth to check, for example the lean startup PowerPoint template.
The Sales Dashboard Solution allows sales managers to use live data in the dashboards that show all KPI's in a wide variety of graphs.
You can use free dashboard PowerPoint template to prepare awesome dashboards using Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and 2010.

We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations. Inside this presentation template you can find useful slide designs and goals & objective shapes for presentations. With dashboards like the free dashboard PowerPoint design you can provide at a glance views of Key Performance Indicators (aka KPI) relevant to a particular objetive, goal or business process.
The slide design has a target diagram and arrows illustration over a black background color for Microsoft PowerPoint. You can download this template and use it for presentations on social impact as well as other business presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.
This simple business strategy template can be used to make strategy PowerPoint presentations and you can define the strategy objectives and goals. Definitely other startups may find this KPI dashboard template for SaaS very useful since it also allows you to communicate what KPIs are important for the startup. For example, you can check how to make cohort analysis charts in PowerPoint or download the Lean Canvas template if you want to prepare or communicate your business model.
Signups, the Signups & Paying Customers, the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), the Cash you have in the Bank, etc.

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