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Up until last week we had sort of a mixed bag of sight word cards from school, from lists, etc. Since it’s a pretty comprehensive list of sight words, I wanted to share them with anyone looking for a free printable set of Kindergarten Sight Words.
This is a group of cards of combined lists and is a pretty sizable list for Kindergarten, but if you have a list you want to work on then just pull out a small amount of cards at a time and save the rest. Easy way to separate the ones to work on- As I mentioned above, we have a green card box (just the little inexpensive ones that are less than 50 cents at the grocery store) and a yellow box. Ways to use to work on spelling-  We work on spelling several different ways, but a few of the ways that we use flash cards to help us spell are by having my daughter read the word and then when she thinks she can spell it, she turns it over and either spells it by writing it (on paper or on a lined dry erase board) or by using magnetic letter tiles (I have the tiles in alphabetical order on an easel board in front of her and she puts them on a magnetic board in front of her). Make-up sentences with the words- Take a small pile and put them in a bowl or basket on the table.
Hope you enjoy these tips and the cards and that you have fun helping your little one learn to read! I have the Dolch pre-primer and primer word lists these are usually the ones that are taught in kindergarten. I've just sent an email to you about your order so please check your mail, but did you mean the kindergarten worksheets which include words 1-75 of Fry's word list? I only have 2nd grade worksheets on for the Dolch Word list but the worksheets are in a different format then the ones I have for first grade and Kindergarten.
The worksheets are still available, I've sent you an email to try and learn more about where you are having difficulty. I just ordered your Kindergarten Word Worksheets through Pay Pal but I haven't gotten the email yet with the attachment.

After attending curriculum night at our school, I was provided with a list of sight words that our twin kindergartners will be learning this year.
There are 41 sight words on these cards altogether plus 3 blank cards for you to add your own words.
If you have other words you think should be added to the sight words above, please do share them with other parents in a comment below. If you're looking to give your preschooler a head start on reading, this sight word bingo game will help him learn simple words in an approachable and fun way. Known as sight words, these words are more easily learned through memorization than phonics. To learn more about affiliate links & how they support our site, please visit our Terms of Use page.
I like the size of these cards because they are easy for small hands and easy to use and tuck away. When we work on the cards and my gal is super excited to get to move a card or cards to the green box. I mark the day that my gal can read a word and the day she can spell it on the back of the card. Simply cut out the sight word cards and game pieces, then set up the game boards, and you're ready to go!
To help your child get a handle on sight words, try incorporating them into her everyday routine with these colorful word flash cards.
Try this sight word bingo game to encourage your preschooler to memorize these simple words.

Just cut them out and tape them up around the house where she'll interact with them on a daily basis. You know how it is… one minute you have a newborn and then you blink and you have a Kindergartner! She will let me show her sight word flash cards when we are sitting there eating a snack or even when we are stuck somewhere waiting in the car. You can find these in the office aisle at Walmart or Target or an office supply store like Staples. I also will pull a pad and pen out when we are waiting at a restaurant or a for a check-up. The repetition along with the variety of activities really helps students remember their sight words! She is also the Operations Manager for Build Your Bundle – a once a year HUGE homeschooling sale. She has been homeschooling for ten years, has two girls and works side by side at home with her awesome husband.
She has been saved by grace, fails daily, but continues to strive toward the prize of the high calling of being a daughter of the Most High God.

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