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You can find my complete index of hand embroidery patterns (with thumbnails) available on Needle ‘n Thread here.
These hand embroidery patterns come from a variety of sources – some from old embroidery pattern catalogs that I own, that are well out of copyright, some designs below I drew myself, inspired by objects that were never meant for hand embroidery.
Fleur de Lys border – lots of options on this one, and easy to stitch, using basic line stitches. Silk Shading Sampler – a beautiful pattern suitable for practice in silk shading and gold couching. Flower Medallion – another pattern that can be used for basic embroidery on household goods, etc. Simple Lily – this pattern is very simple, and would be great for quick embellishments or even for applique techniques. Circles – a pattern for stitching on the drawstring bags the kids made in our summer embroidery classes, 2007.
Dancing Daisies Garden – another pattern for stitching on the drawstring bags, Summer, 2007. Embroidered Bag Sampler Pattern – a simple pattern for the outside of a drawstring embroidered bag. Jacobean Flower and Leaf – this is a typical Jacobean looking flower and leaf pattern, very nice for a single motif or worked into a larger piece.
Hanging Flower Pattern – good for goldwork or any kind of surface embroidery, this is a unique little flower and very pretty. Jacobean Leaves – three leaves together that would make another interesting addition to a whole Jacobean sampler, or can be worked individually.
Simple Single Flower – another pattern that would work well as Jacobean or crewel embroidery, but is adaptable to any surface technique. Slender Flowers – a tall and slender bunch of three flowers, with very pretty leaves and stems.
Repeating Scroll Design from Therese Dillmont – perfect for shading and filling techniques.
Corner Motif – A pretty and simple diamond (or square) shaped corner motif perfect for hand towels, bread cloths, or even for goldwork couching practice!
Medallion Frame – a simple interwoven, double-lined frame that would look great enclosing a monogram. Blackwork Trees – Well, you can divide up the motif, actually, and use it as trees, or line them up and use them as a decorative edge! Stylized Pomegranate – Pretty design, perfect for needlepainting or goldwork, and would work well for ecclesiastical embroidery, too. Needlelace Pattern – an egg-shaped pattern for needlelace, with resources for learning techniques. A Turkey – Great for Thanksgiving and Autumn embroidery, as well as for various kitchen items. Stylized Tudor Pomegranate – This design would be fantastic for goldwork and silk shading.
Springy Flower Corner Design – this makes a really nice corner for a brightly embroidered towel, tablecloth, pillowcase, etc.
Easter Egg with Flowers – a fun egg shaped design packed with flowers – perfect for Spring!
I’m looking for an embroidery pattern for violets either single or in a line or small bunches for an edge or border. Mary, I was going through your website last night and noticed all these beautiful patterns that you suggest would be good for table cloth, pillow cases or guest towels. For towels, I’m generally talking about flour sack or linen towels, rather than terry cloth towels (like the standard bath towels). If you’re buying your own fabric to make pillow cases, go for a high thread count cotton (200 or higher). I want to hand embroider onto linen for items such as dresser scarves, sachet pouches, pillows, but I am so confused about which linen to choose and which online to to buy it at.

Hey ya’ll,I would like to know if there is a special kind of ink I should use to print out the pattern of my choice? Does anyone know how to make a reusable – non-permanent transfer with these patterns? To transfer the patterns, I’d print them from your computer onto regular paper, then use either a light box or sunny window to trace them. For a dahlia, maybe if you tried some dover books on flowers, or maybe some coloring books?
I’ve never commented on any website before (so I hope this works!) but I just found your website and just have to say how great it is. I’m looking for a pattern to duplicate a pillow I saw in a gift shop in Colorado Springs. Hola estoy buscando dibujos para bordar sabanas,toallas y mantelerias usted me los podria enviar si los tuviera o si sabe donde los podria consegir. I am looking for a cancer ribbon transfer or pattern to hand embroider on a set of tea towels. Need a web template, flash template, style sheet templates, or other professional template for web design, desktop publishing, print media, or to make a presentation? In the password field I have added some dots using the Ellipse Tool but you can also use the Type Tool. For the first ellipse (the bigger one) use the color #ffffff and the same layer styles used for the username and password fields in the point 3 b). Use the color #ffffff and Inner Shadow + Gradient Overlay styles with the same settings used for the username and password input fields in the point 3 b).
Soon I’ll publish the second part of this tutorial in which I’ll code this design in HTML and CSS, so, stay tuned!
As with any WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) program, you do not need to understand HTML coding to use FrontPage or Expression. If you are familiar with HTML code, you can use the HTML view, which displays the HTML source code of your web page file, or the Split view, which displays both the code and design views simultaneously. FrontPage or Expression will open any .html file, regardless of what it was originally created with. Click and drag to select the text you want to format, right-click, and choose Font in the shortcut menu.
The Save Embedded Files box will ensure that your image will be displayed correctly in the web page.
If you don't want to make a copy of the graphic and you don't want to link to it, click the Set Action button. You can click the Change Folder button (2) to specify another folder for the copy of the graphic.
To specify the formatting, style, and appearance of the content, click the Paste Options button that appears next to the pasted content, and then select the options you want. To remove an unwanted border around an image, right-click on the image and choose Picture Properties from the list.
If you need some quick image editing done on a graphic already in your web page, you can use the Pictures toolbar. Here you can change the contrast and brightness of the image (1 and 2), crop the image (3), or add transparency if the image is a .gif (4).
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) can be used to set the styles of your web page's text and overall layout. If your BoxedArt template page has Flash content (.swf files) in it, then the code necessary to display the movie in the page is already done for you.
What happens when text and links on a template cannot be edited because it is embedded in a Flash object?
If you use them in your own projects and are interested in sharing the results, feel free to contact me! It would look great in any kind of thread, but especially in silks, with a combination of stitches for texture.

It would make a great study in whitework, but could be used for almost any surface technique.
It would make an excellent Christmas ornament or a nice element on your own surface embroidery sampler. If you want to be informed of new content on Needle ‘n Thread, sign up via RSS feed or subscribe to my daily newsletter (the subscriptions in the top of the right hand column!) With the daily newsletter, you get each day’s blog post delivered straight to your inbox, so you never miss a post, and you can save them or print them for future use! It seemed like you were talking to me in person explaining me in detail :)) I appreciate your excellent ideas.
You might want to try Nordic Needle, Needle in a Haystack, Windham Needleworks – to name a few.
I’m just starting out, dabbling a bit and needed something to work on since my imagination is terrible, though I can draw. If you are working on darker fabric, you could use dressmaker’s transfer paper (use it like carbon paper). I’m certainly a beginner and never thought I could do anything like this so thanks for making me believe that I can. This download, and thousands of other website design, print design, graphic design, presentation, and multimedia products, can be downloaded for free after you have purchased a membership to our website!
This is the first part of the tutorial and I will show you step by step how to design the login form in Photoshop. For slicing the psd I selected the single parts (I hided the other parts) using the Rectangle Marquee Tool. You may edit your BoxedArt template pages in the Design view as you would in a word processor — typing and formatting text, inserting graphics or other page elements — FrontPage or Expression adds the HTML code in the background. If the image file is outside the main folder for your site, the Save Embedded Files dialog box will appear.
Most of BoxedArt's website templates come with external .css files already written for you.
They would look great on household linens (guest towels, table runners, table cloths, & cutwork pieces come to mind) or even as accents on clothing.
Also, for pillow cases, do you suggest store bought table cloth and standard pillow cases are fine for embroidery?
But you can also buy, for example, white linen or white cotton to make more delicate table cloths! If you’re looking for a high-count, firm linen for cutwork or whitework, I suggest looking at the ecclesiastical linen by Legacy. You can also buy iron-on transfer pens (sulky are apparently the best), trace the pattern on the other side of the paper, and then iron it on.
For stitching suggestions, I’d probably just adapt any long and short stitch techniques to the layers of the daisy-like petals. So I would like to embroider a 9in round tablecloth to enhance further my skill and to gift as a gift.
Resize the rectangle 1 or 2 pixels to the right until it covers completely the other two rectangles. Use the Verdana font with the same text settings used before and with a font size of 16 pixels.
I hope you don’t mind if I use the basis of this in an application I am developing (with full credits of course ?? ). OR – you can buy the standard pillow case and undo the casing, do your embroidery, and then sewing the casing back up.

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