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The Bottom LineMSN Hotmail email comes with solid security features and a straight forward, easy to use yet quite powerful interface.
You can access up to four POP accounts through MSN Hotmail (for subscribers only).Expert Review - MSN Hotmail - Free Email ServiceMSN Hotmail email not only looks nice, it also works nicely with its straight forward interface that makes most actions readily accessible with a few clicks (keyboard shortcuts would also be neat). Hotmail can be accessed in and integrates well with Outlook Express or Outlook for a small fee.Junk mail filtering (that could be better) is applied to incoming mail so your mailbox is not overly filled with spam. We're committed to getting the basics right, but we also want to make Hotmail reflect what you want it to be.
Instead, Hotmail makes it easy to distinguish mail from people you know, newsletters and messages from as-yet-unknown senders. The next tutorials will delve into more details, but this page will give you a quick-start, in-depth look at the new email window. Unfortunately, message threading, automatic classification and prioritizing and virtual folders are missing.Rich Security and Editing FeaturesShould one or the other unwanted email make it to your Hotmail Inbox in spite of the spam filter, it is easy to report it and make the filter even better.

We will show you the role of each elements of the email editor, explain the options behind each command, and give you ideas or advice to make the most of your experience editing emails in Hotmail.
It can be one convenient place for your multiple e-mail accounts, calendars, and contacts. It is also a pity that MSN Hotmail does not support POP or IMAP access (though it is easy to retrieve Hotmail to any email client with one of the many third-party tools). If you have setup multiple email accounts in Hotmail, you will be able to choose from which account the email is sent, even in the case of an email forward or reply, where the original email (that arrived in your Hotmail inbox) may have been sent to a different account.
Since the majority of users do not use Carbon Copy, and do not blind carbon copy recipients in their Hotmail emails, hiding these fields by default makes sense, and gives more room for the email body, or content of the email, which after all is the most important part. In the case of new Hotmail emails you compose, the field will be blank: make sure that the subject you type reflects well the content to come, since most people will determine whether to read an email or not (or how soon), based solely on the subject line.
Both email programs and webmail clients like Windows Live Hotmail display the email subject without requiring the recipient to actually open the email.5.

Note that you cannot format the title (subject line) of your Hotmail emails; the formatting toolbar only affects text contained in the email body, discussed below.
In the case of email replies or mail forwards, the body text field will automatically be pre-populated with the original email content; in the case of new emails, it will be blank, with the exception of your Hotmail signature, if you have already set one up (the signature is editable like the rest of the email body, and can be deleted as needed).
It is all about your good judgment and the appropriateness of both timing and your relation to the email recipient. If a draft or your email had not yet been saved, the email will disappear without leaving a trace. Fortunately, Hotmail gives you a last chance warning before discarding the email: "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?

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