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Comprehensive word templates repository to download hundreds of free word templates, including resume templates, calendar templates, invoice templates, etc. She trained and competed him for a couple of years, but before their first CCI**, Indy injured a hind suspensory. Three months after giving away the horse and thinking he was living a happy life, an ad appears on a horse sales site. Of course, Dana was completely devastated seeing what was happening to her very special horse.
As I was chatting with Dana, I kept thinking how a few rotten apples, mess it up for the rest of us. And, this template is also equipped with table that you can use to put detail information about your horse, such as name, sex, breed, and color, date of birth, application number, sire and dam. She did everything she could to rehab him but as they were ready to start cantering in early 2012, Indy re-injured the same suspensory… After exploring absolutely every option with many well-respected vets, Dana decided that it was in the best interest of her special horse to let him have a happy retired life. On Saturday, they had a big fundraiser at The Fork for the Olympics and that evening they had to leave for Canada.

Has competed through Intermediate level eventing and is looking for a Young Rider to take through the lower levels. She said “I called Lauren this morning (Friday) who ignored my call, and so I called Diana. She told me that they had got him for this gentleman to ride and lease at the lower levels and then that didn’t work out and so, they had to change their plan. Speak to your attorney about preparing a rock solid contract for every horse you place into retirement. Riding your horse also can become a great relaxation activity and it’s also good sport that you can use to train your body and mind. I told her this was the first that I had heard of this man or this lease, or I would never have let the horse leave the property! A lot of people are trying to help out by putting the word out and she is talking to attorneys, but if you know of a way that she can right this wrong… please share it in the comments. We have to remember that for every scumbag, there are many kind, generous, decent human beings.

I would NEVER have sold him if I thought they would lease or sell him or make him jump.“ I asked if maybe, Indy could have benefited from a miracle cure and was now fit to jump and compete as an eventer? Can be hot to the fences so requires a knowledgeable, quiet, confident rider; however, he is a horse that you can drop the reins after a course and walk away quietly. You can find a way to get more money for your horse treatment, or you can sell your horse to someone else that can give your horse good treatment. Now, if you have found your buyer and agree with the price, you just need to make it official. Great conformation and feet; clips, loads, bathes, gets along with other horses, loves trail rides alone or with a group, this is a horse that can honestly do it all. This is truly one of the nicest horses I have ever ridden and it breaks my heart to see him go.

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