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Premier Foods CEO Gavin Darby has hailed its first year of annual revenue growth since 2012 as proof the board’s strategy is working, shrugging off criticism over its handling of the aborted takeover approach from US food group McCormick. In the latest instalment of our ’10 things’ series, we quiz consumers to find out the dirty truth behind Britain’s cleaning habits. CLICK HERE to search for the products, services and companies you need in the definitive guide to the UK food and drink industry.
Get the latest grocery retail and fmcg news direct to your inbox everyday by registering for our FREE newsletter. In education in the United States, magnet schools are public schools with specialized courses or curricula.
Chris De Burgh wallpapers Manu Ginobili wallpapers Michael Dudikoff wallpapers Outkast wallpapers Rebecca Miller wallpapers Oh No wallpapers Hugh Reilly wallpapers William G. The European Journalism Centre has just released the Verification Handbook, a free resource that provides step-by-step guidelines on how journalists can deal with user-generated content during emergencies.
In 2011, when violent protests erupted in England, a number of people claimed a tiger had been let out from London Zoo, and that the London Eye was on fire.
In the best scenarios, social networks dispel heresy just as fast as it is propagates, but the fact is somebody still has to investigate, validate and confirm whether these rumors are true or false. We are living in an age of information abundance, where user-generated content are readily available to provide first hand documentation of events all over the world. When an unexpected incident occurs, be it a riot, natural disaster or shooting, newsrooms need to be equipped with the training and processes to source and verify the onslaught of information that circulates both online and off.
The mass of user-generated content, and the sources that provide it, can at first seem overwhelming.
Additionally, there are online people search tools such as Spokeo that aid in identifying the person behind a piece of content, and providing the means to content them. The Verification Handbook provides guidance on how to use these tools, drawing from the experiences of leading media organizations. Ultimately, the fundamental rules of verification do not change: start from the assumption that you are the information is incorrect, and work to identify challenge, triangulate and compare different sources. Among the Handbook’s contributors are journalists from Storyful, a news agency solely focused on verifying social media content. When verifying UGC, it’s essential to have basic knowledge and understanding of how to use technical tools productively. There will always be a fundamental human aspect to verification in that someone will make the decision whether a piece of content is true or false. Meier, an expert in crisis mapping and the director of social innovation at the Qatar Foundation’s Computing Research Institute, details how a number of academic researchers are analyzing methods to automatically predict the credibility of tweets. We are at the early stage of machine-aided verification, but over time it will combine with the free tools detailed above to offer journalists a range of aids and algorithms to help us do our work.
The good news is we have more tools and techniques at our disposal than ever before to help us get it right. We need to be more transparent, working with and directing the crowd to determine and promote what is true. Carvin’s work to crowdsource information during events such as the Arab Spring have demonstrated the more people we involve in the verification process, the faster we can gather information.
Our role is to debunk, filter, and navigate on social networks through mass open collaboration. Craig Silverman is an entrepreneurial journalist and the founder and editor of Regret the Error, a Poynter Institute blog about media errors, accuracy and verification. Rina Tsubaki leads and manages the "Verification Handbook" and "Emergency Journalism" initiatives at the European Journalism Centre in the Netherlands. The World Editors Forum is the organisation within the World Association of Newspapers devoted to newspaper editors worldwide. Fatullayev stresses that the fight for a free press is an international issue, felt worldwide, and affects even countries that are considered cradles of freedom and democracy. Fatullayev's release followed an outpour of international pressure for his release, spread in large part by social media such as Twitter. Looking back on his time in prison, which he referred to as a medieval prison, Fatullayev reminds the panel and audience at the Press Freedom Roundtable that there are still countless journalists behind bars today. Fatullayev turns to his neighbor, Luis Horacio Najera, a Mexican journalist who is living in exile in Canada because of his hard-hitting investigative pieces on the border's drug cartels, and says that he had read about him while in prison.
In the fight for freedom of speech, both journalists stress that indifference will taint all efforts to secure a free press, and ultimately just societies.
Cartagena de Indias in Colombia is hosting the 68th World News Media Congress, the 23nd World Editors Forum, and the 26th World Advertising Forum in 2016, 12-14 June.
In this blog, WAN-IFRA provides previews, interviews, summaries of the presentations and other useful information.
Participate in the coverage by following the Twitter hashtags: #wnc16 (Congress), #editors16 (Editors Forum), and #waf16 (Advertising Forum). In 2011 the newspaper world gathered in Vienna, Austria for IFRA Expo 2011, 63rd World Newspaper Congress and 18th World Editors Forum. If you are planning to travel, pay a visit to the doctor first to find out what travel vaccines you may need.

But a 2006 study found that only one in five Singaporeans will consult a doctor or visit a travel clinic before travelling, said Dr Wijaya. Dr Wijaya said 10 per cent of the diseases which travellers end up with can be prevented with vaccines. Read on to find out how your choice of activities when travelling and medical history can potentially influence the travel vaccinations that you may need to get before travelling.
Child Safety and Injury PreventionThis is your chance to get answers to your questions on how to better childproof your home! Plus, we task a creative agency with spicing up the aircare category, find out why the discounters are storming ahead and how hand wipes are cashing in on convenience. So why does this market continue to be one of the fastest growing grocery sectors, having grown a staggering ?97m in the past year? In this post, Craig Silverman, who edited the handbook, and Rina Tsubaki who lead and managed it, discuss how the report can help journalists. During Hurricane Sandy, social media were overrun with photos that were misleading and intentionally tweaked. More than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and 500 million Tweets are sent per day. This was the case during the Haiti earthquake in 2011 when local media could not operate due to the damage, and only a few foreign correspondents and stringers were in country. Newsrooms have in recent years invested in training, tools and teams to improve the sourcing of user-generated content. However, there are a number of (mainly free) tools available to help verify UGC, and to track down sources. This enables journalists to track down and interview the original source of a piece of content — an essential part of the verification process. It also offers fundamental advice on the discipline of verification to guide the work of newsrooms.
This goes hand in hand with planning for disaster coverage in the newsroom, and offering training in the sourcing and verification of UGC.
There is also a movement to develop free and open source tools such as the Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Response (AIDR), a platform that works with human input to help identify content of interest on Twitter. This can potentially speed the process — but verification will always require the human element. Communicating directly and openly on social networks like Twitter and Facebook will strengthen relationships with the public, and build trust in the long run. We must also realize the weight that comes with our words on social media, and act accordingly. He has also developed a course on digital age verification for the Poynter News University. Emergency Journalism brings together resources for media professionals reporting in and about volatile situations in the digital age, and Tsubaki has frequently spoken on these topics at events, including a U.N. For instance, the vaccine against rabies requires three shots over a month and has to be taken about six weeks before travelling to a developing country. Tropical areasVaccinate against: Yellow fever, which spreads through the bite of an infected mosquito.
Rural areas in Asia Vaccinate against: Japanese encephalitis, a virus transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito, which can lead to serious brain infections. Developing countries Vaccinate against: Rabies, a viral disease that is transmitted through the bite of an infected mammal, usually a dog. Meningitis belt in Africa (includes parts of sub-Saharan Africa such as Niger, Ethiopia and Chad) Vaccinate against: Meningococcal disease, which spreads from person to person by droplets carried in a cough or sneeze. When the Boston Marathon bombings occurred, 4Chan and Reddit users instigated a large-scale amateur investigation when the FBI released a video of two suspects.
This is a natural role for journalists to fill, yet many lack the skills needed to verify user-generated content, and to work with the crowd to help source and share the truth. As shown in this video released by Twitter about the Great East Japan Earthquake, these platforms are indispensible when news and disaster strike.
Twitter was used to share and gather updates on the ground, allowing journalists to access information that they would not otherwise be able to obtain.
But many have not yet built out their capabilities and trained staff in how to debunk false information. This is especially true when dealing with firsthand accounts during disasters and other emergencies, whether these accounts come from victims, witnesses or authorities. For example, Google tools such as Google Street View and Google Earth can be used to identify the location where UGC was filmed or shot. This includes the maxim that we must always verify the source and the content in attempting to determine the authenticity of a piece of information. The BBC News’ User Generated Content Hub provides a detailed guide to verifying images from social media, while The Australian Broadcast Corporation offers a look at how they prepare for disaster coverage, and ensure their people and processes are in place to deliver fast, accurate coverage. It will always be left to a journalist to combine the information gathered from sources with the data from tools and what their eyes and ears tell them in order to make a call. Silverman serves as director of content for Spundge, a platform that enables professionals to grow and monetize their expertise through content.

Most vaccines need at least 10 days to two weeks for their protective effects to kick in, said Dr Limin Wijaya, Consultant, Department of Infectious Diseases, Singapore General Hospital (SGH), a member of the SingHealth group. For instance, people with chronic illnesses, such as heart or lung problems should discuss their conditions with a doctor before travelling to prevent complications during their trips, she said. It can lead to meningitis (inflammation of the membrane of the brain) or septicaemia (blood poisoning). And how long can such growth continue, given that it appears to be partly driven by a consumer trend (or fad?) rather than medical need?Key themesPrice and promotions: As prices fall in nearly all other grocery sectors, they’re on the rise in free from.
The Ushahidi platform was also used to crowd-source situational updates and assemble these into a single map.
This is why the European Journalism Centre has developed the Verification Handbook, a free resource that provides step-by-step guidelines on how to deal with UGC during emergencies. Google Image Search and TinEye also allow a reverse image and thumbnail search to check where an image was first uploaded, in order to help determine if it’s original and who the original source might be. Journalists must be present to share the product of their work to verify content, and to participate as a part of the network.
He previously helped launch OpenFile, an online news startup that delivered local reporting in six Canadian cities.
Earlier, she managed several projects focusing on the role of citizens in the changing media landscape, and in 2011 she was the lead contributor of the Internews Europe's report on the role of communication during the March 2011 Japan quake. Those who plan to do more adventurous travel, such as climbing mountains, should find out how to protect themselves against risks such as altitude sickness. Some countries in Africa and South America require travellers to show a yellow fever vaccinination certificate. The first shot is to be taken six weeks before travel and the second shot, two weeks before travel. The vaccination against meningococcal disease is required for people traveling to Mecca during the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages. In the process, aid workers and online volunteers worked together to map and translate the updates. Debunking rumors and helping push out facts must be a priority for journalists in an information-saturated world. For instance, hepatitis A vaccination can protect nearly 100 per cent of people who receive it. The first shot needs to be taken four weeks before travel and the second and third shots, three weeks and one week before travel respectively. Symptoms include yellowing of skin and sclera (white of the eye), dark urine, lethargy and abdominal pain.
This feature will explore how reliant brands are on promotions for growth in this sector, with particular attention being paid to the level of volume sold on deal in the past year, mechanics used and how this compares to increasingly promotion reliant categories elsewhere. Our responsibility to verify information from social networks must be married with a commitment to engage on these same platforms. National Press Club, Mirror Awards, Crime Writers of Canada and National Magazine Awards (Canada).
But a 2011 study in the European Gastroenterology And Hepatology Review found only 2 to 7 per cent of Singapore’s children and youth below 25 years old are immune from it, said Dr Kurup. Number of jabs: One to be taken two weeks before travel and another six months later, for lasting immunity. As the market becomes more crowded, will deals become more important?Own label v brands: Branded and own label growth in free from is pretty much neck and neck, according to our analysis. This feature will explore in detail which retailers are driving the growth in own label free from and how brands are looking to compete. How is the dynamic between own label and brands likely to change over the course of the coming year?Merchandising: Increasingly, free from food is breaking out from the confines of specific, niche fixtures and finding a place alongside mainstream products. This feature will explore which retailers are most progressive in this regard and how great the rewards have been.
How could retailers further improve the way free from products are merchandised?Convenience: That some gluten free bread brands are now moving into convenience is proof of just how far the sector has come. This feature will explore how well such brands are doing in convenience and how great the channel’s potential is. Will gluten-free bread have the rate of sale needed to justify a slice of convenience retailers’ limited shelf space? Should gluten free bread brands increase their shelf life to lessen the risk involved?Innovation: This will be key to this feature. We will be investigating how new product development has shaped the category over the past year and what is in store for shoppers in 2015.

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