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Advertising agencies are notorious for puffing up the credentials of their employees in a desperate attempt to gain an edge over their competitors.
Blaine LiftonJob Positionis the CEO and a founder of Hyperbolous and director of the popular, zany film The Big Lebowski. Marcus KempJob Positionis a creative director, art director, and a recent winner of the Paris-Uzbekistan Rally on his Specialized carbon fiber bicycle. Pamela HopkinsJob Positionis the COO and broadcast producer when she is not spending time in her other job, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue magazine.
Andrew RiderJob Positionis our director of client services, strategist and the first man ever to perform a total brain transplant. Laramie LiftonJob Positionis an art director and the first woman ever to circumnavigate South America on a paddleboard. Gerry O'ReillyJob Positionis a writer, producer, strategist, data cruncher and web innovator. Howie KrakowJob Positionis a writer, strategist and tenor currently starring in a production of the Wagner Ring Cycle.

Bill RohnJob Positionis head of commercial editing and author of a memoir entitled War and Peace.
Mark DoerrierJob Positionis a solutions artist, music composer and proud recipient of a recent Nobel Prize in Billiards.
Tyler OliverJob PositionTyler Oliver is a talented director, cameraman and still photographer. Zeph ColombattoJob PositionZeph Colombatto is a global ambassador and accomplished social influencer. This use-it-all-the-time medium-sized Gray Nanban long rectangular plate is a must-have addition to any tableware collection–Eastern or Western.
The only banned substance for which he has tested positive is partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.
He once crushed a man’s larynx with his thumb and forefinger for pronouncing his last name “Derriere” on purpose. Among his achievements was actually being the first media planner ever to suggest putting advertising on TV.

Among the notable works in her design portfolio is the flag of the United States of America. He is a founder of the Future Charmers of America and enjoys things that dangle, mustaches on babies and Finnish reggae. With a rustic but modern aesthetic, the neutral but rich gray color are the ideal background for serving nearly any color food whether the white of rice, the green of seaweed, the bright pink of salmon or the deep red of a rare steak.
The rectangular design make it conducive to serving first courses like sashimi, sushi or even dumplings.
Serve a simple salad or multiple component dessert complete with shooter on this plate you’ll use all the time!

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