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Learn English with qualified and experienced Canadian and American ESL teachers.Study English through our online English lessons at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. One of the most interesting ways to improve your English language knowledge while having fun, relaxing and spending some time with the ones you care about is to watch a movie. This isn’t a self-standing learning method, meaning that you can’t rely on it entirely to learn the English language; however, it can help a lot. A classic tale that almost anyone knows, it offers simple dialogue with a very fun colorful images, making it the perfect movie for the beginner with a rather small vocabulary. Another classic that has near perfect pronunciation and a non-pretentious vocabulary it perfect for a more advanced speaker. Another great movie that combines the interesting, fast pace of an 80’s action movie with some good English lessons.

We help new Canadians before and after arrival, through information, tools, and videos focusing on job preparedness and settlement first steps. You can improve a number of aspects like vocabulary, pronunciation, accent, flow and even grammar in some cases. Again, depending on your level you can choose something like a preschool movie if you’re a beginner and have little to no experience and a small vocabulary. Again make sure to incorporate some subtitles so that you can double check and repeat words that seem difficult. The movie is a great one to use as it has some fantastic dialogue associated with beautiful images and a lot of good proper pronunciation.
If your level is intermediate, or even advanced you can go for a Disney movie or a Dickens based movie as there will be classic acting with good pronunciation and no slang what so ever.

The movie also has a fair amount of singing so you can sing along once you mastered the lyrics. You will have to be at least an intermediate to use this movie as a learning tool; however, it’s a great alternative for people who love action movies. Also regardless of your level or the type of movie you choose make sure to use a subtitle as it can be a lot of help with the words you don’t understand and can even help you with your spelling in the long run.

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