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Even Apple, the driver of the skeuomorphic design trend for many years, is trying some level of flat design when it releases iOS 7 later this year.
If you want to test the flat design waters or swim out a little deeper, we have everything you need to get started, from ready-made tools to tutorials for the do-it-yourselfer.
Flat design techniques avoid embellishments such as bevels, embossing, drop shadows, gradients or artificial textures. The design style is hugely popular for simple websites that only include a few pages and for mobile applications. Flat design has also brought an emphasis back to minimalist design, even for designers not using flat-style techniques. Kits can save you time – important when following a trend – with a pre-designed package of parts. The kits below range from simple, free kits to more comprehensive downloads with licensing options. Featherweight UI is a simple, retina-ready kit that includes a handful of sharp elements, including menus, a photo scroll, map, simple icons and scroll widgets. This simple UI kit contains a handful of basic elements, such as social login buttons, menus and a media player. This free kit from Designmodo — one of the first design groups to fully embrace the flat design trend — is a brightly-colored starting part.
The Metro UI kit is a colorful kit that embodies the concept of flat as reintroduced by the Windows phone. While using a variety of bright colors is a popular choice for many designers using flat design, monotone color palettes are equally characteristic of the trend.
Vertical Infinity, by CSS Author, is one of the bigger free kits available and is retina-ready.
This UI kit by Lil Squid Design is almost a steal with so many matched pieces, including 18 categories of elements. Ideation Pro’s flat UI kit includes a handful of nice simple elements — icons, form fields and buttons — to help get a project going. Square UI is a comprehensive UI kit from Designmodo with a large array of buttons and elements. Flat-style icons are everywhere and you can grab many of these kits for free from a variety of places.
Like UI kits, most icon packs are delivered as a PSD download, making the icons easy to customize.
Many of the icons are designed in the specification and style for mobile device applications. When choosing a set of icons, look for kits that contain icons in size options the meet your needs. This comprehensive social media icon set has almost every popular network and website included in a beautiful icon set that uses both a flat style and long shadow design. While many flat design schemes rely on high-color visuals, some designers are opting to keep icons more simple so they don’t compete with other elements and parts of the overall design. Every designer who builds a site that includes downloadable files needs a set of file icons. This set of 16 social media icons uses both the flat style and long shadow design techniques. With various options that include multiple file formats, FlatIcons is one of the simplest and most comprehensive kits on the market. Although flat design has not been embraced by a large number of e-commerce sites simple sales sites could benefit from the simple buttons in this kit. It is important to pay attention to every detail when picking a design scheme, even something as small as these credit card icons. Flat design is popular for website design touting something that is coming soon, from a full site to a mobile application. Most websites include some sort of companion pieces, from business cards to posters or fliers. Even if the main purpose of your site is not sales, but you do offer products or subscriptions, pricing tables may be important to have.
What’s nice about using a pre-packaged theme is that you can get your design and site up and running in almost no time. Typically, the best options, support and flexibility come with a premium (or paid) WordPress theme.
This responsive flat-style theme uses clean lines and bright colors on alternating dark and light backgrounds. Current is perfectly flat in every aspect of the design and is designed as a gateway page for a new product. This simple and professional theme in the almost flat style includes more options than many other free themes.

Bloq uses flat design and flat colors beautifully (and some of the icons even have long shadows). This flat theme focuses on minimalism and includes a lot of add-ons such as banner ads and custom menus. MetroBlog uses bright colors and tiling — characteristics of flat design — but also includes gradient color boxes, which make this blog theme almost flat. One of the better free e-commerce options available Viper has big, bold boxes for text and clear navigation.
While this theme has some characteristics of flat design, the style is more almost flat (note the icons in particular). This free theme is anything but simple with nice shapes, almost flat icons and vibrant color and typography. Argo uses tiling and a simple structure that can work for both portfolios or business sites. This simple, yet classic theme is perfectly flat and works great for a business that is on top of trends. This theme packs a lot of punch with a variety of layout options, background colors and a set of 361 retina-ready icons. Part of what appeals to some people about the flat style is the use of creative illustrations and icons. Frequent posters will like news, a simple theme that uses photo and text cards to index lots of content. There are plenty of forms, tables, custom pages and element integration in this flat theme designed for businesses. A high-powered single-page theme that uses multiple and different screens that encourage scrolling.
With a variety of post formats, this theme is a great tool for showcasing a product or design. The style is characterized by an overall minimalistic look, bright but muted colors, bold — often retro — typography and simple user interface elements such as buttons or icons.
Flat design has also been criticized for its overall simplicity, use of illustrations (that some label as cartoonish) and a user interface style that can be difficult for some users to understand. In minimal design schemes, designers often give plenty of room to the content, allowing it to tell the story in a simple, direct manner. Most UI kits come in the Adobe Photoshop file format (PSD) and are fully editable if you are comfortable with the software.
Most kits include usable colors if you don’t have a palette in mind, but allow you to change the overall color scheme with just a few clicks.
While the kit is not incredibly large it has an elegant style and plays up the more retro color theme often associated with flat design.
This kit contains a variety of buttons and panels that mirror the look of the Windows flat user interface.
The kit includes hundreds of elements, including buttons, icons, color swatches and menu items. This is a great starter tool for imagining how to combine simpler UI parts into more complex items. The colors and style are both reminiscent of the phone interface, with lots of colorful blocks and simple typography. This UI kit by Sebastiaan Scheer includes a few simple elements and great graduations of color.
The manageable kit includes everything from drop down menus to buttons to form elements to widgets and social icons.
The elements are perfectly matched, include bright colors and could work great for a simple mobile project. This kit differs from some of the others because it breaks tradition with the color palette and uses a much darker scheme.
Icons are set in a way that make each easy to identify and with a color outline that is sharp and distinct. The kit designed by Vladislav Karpov for WebdesignerDepot contains 12 icons, that showcases everything from SEO performance to copywriting to web analytics that use both the flat style and contain some long shadows. This small icon set (9 icons) features low color, low contrast elements for ease of application. This quad of icons represents the most popular file options – upload, download, settings and charts. This kit also breaks outside the idea of square icons, with a mix of circle and square shapes with slightly rounded corners. The flat style is being used for almost everything these days, including these useful tools.
The Apple template from MediaLoot is designed in the flat style, and is usable in a number of ways.

From a chat module to cart and checkout buttons, this kit has enough basic elements to get started or to build on for an online retailer.
Maintaining consistency is key and these simple, credit cards are recognizable and fit into any flat design. The coral color is quite common in flat design as is the simple sans-serif typography and icons. In both instances, this makes the use of a sign up form popular, making it easy to notify users when the site or application goes live. The Flat Design Flyer Template helps you convert your web design outline into a usable print piece in the same flat style.
This set of monotone tables complements a variety of other flat design elements and is an item that a lot of UI kits do not include. WordPress theme designers immediately jumped on the trend and there are quite a few great paid and free themes available for download. These themes often look more professional, have cleaner code and offer support that free versions often lack.
The modern style is simple and comes with all the essentials for a business site, including company profile pages, social icons and printable and PDF download functionality.
The theme uses sharp boxes and bright color representative of flat design for a modern look.
The purely flat theme also uses a distinct font palette with a great look and feel in the default settings. The high color palette uses muted tones rather than some of the bright hues that are characteristic of flat design.
The responsive design is fully customizable and the download comes with free feature updates and support.
The powerful, responsive theme uses simple typography, color and grids and integrates with other jobs toolkits. Save time by creating usable swatches before opening the kit so that you don’t have to type in manual color values for each change. While Polaris contains parts that are designed in the flat style, it also includes some elements in the skeuomorphic style. The style is basic without a lot of extras but would be easy to use in almost any application.
The color scheme is bright and icon colors match the networks they associate with, creating an immediate visual cue.
Kits are built so that every icon matches perfectly every time, and comes with a great built-in search function so you can quickly find the icon you need.
The colors and sizes are customizable and easy to change, thanks to this simple vector design.
The flier comes in a print-ready template, complete with CMYK colors and a quarter-inch bleed.
One of the cool features of this theme is custom color palette generation based on portfolio options.
The theme is responsive and comes with the ability to customize the color palette, a variety of matching charts and a set of 1,368 flat icons.
The flat styled design is sharp with pixel-perfect styling and comes retina-ready and is responsive. The built-in color palettes are wonderfully flat, using the title salmon, blue or your choice of hue. The monotone scheme of flat colors is a nice touch and it’s one of a few purely single color themes out there. We’ve put together a giant list of everything flat design, from free UI kits to color palettes to typography options. Also consider using your color palette in the same way as the kit designer used the default swatches, mirroring color choices in tone, saturation and contrast for elements in the kit. The kit downloads in an editable, layer format for customization and includes light and dark color palettes with pre-built swatch files.
While these theme options can be limiting and offer only a small selection of the options paid themes include, they can be useful. The elaborate kit looks less like a kit than many other options out there and is retina-display ready.

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