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Azhagi has a user'friendly and flexible Tamil transliteration scheme (English-to-Tamil key mappings) which helps you transliterate easily and intuitively, both during 'typing' your Tamil text and also while 'editing' your already typed text. You can directly transliterate in Hindi in ANY Unicode-aware application like Ms-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Express, Gmail, MSN Messenger, GTalk, Azhagi's internal Unicode editor, etc.
Transliteration in other Indian languages like Sanskrit, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Konkani, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Oriya, Assamese, etc.
You can opt to type in Tamil in 3 different input modes (aka) keyboard layouts - Phonetic, Tamilnet99 and Tamil'Typewriter - in either Tscii or Unicode.
You can make use of on-screen displays of the phonetic keymappings (of Tamil), wherever you type.
Apart from 'Direct Tamil Input' in all Windows applications, Azhagi provides its own editors for typing in Tamil in all the above 3 input modes in either Tscii or Unicode. Apart from Tamil, you can transliterate in other Indian languages also - Hindi, Sanskrit, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Konkani, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Oriya, Assamese, etc. In the Unicode editor of Azhagi, you can find a Unicode Fonts Lister (Tools->'Unicode Fonts Lister'). This tool easily identifies and classifies (according to major Indian languages) all the Unicode fonts in your system. The information thus provided by this tool will be useful either for you or any other user in a variety of ways. It can help you to identify Unicode fonts which until this time you were not aware that they are Unicode fonts.
It can help you to determine whether you need to download more Unicode fonts for any particular language. Note: To avail the bulk converter, click on 'File->Convert to Unicode->Choose conversion mode before converting' and then click on 'Convert multiple files (Batch Process)'. With the inherent power of Unicode and the facilities offered by certain MS applications, powerful operations like Sorting in Tamil, Find & Replace in Tamil, etc.
You have a sophisticated Reverse Transliterator (Tamil to English Converter) which can help you convert any Tamil Text back to its exact English phonetic equivalent.
You have SAT mode of transliteration (akin to Google and Microsoft's easy, fast and intelligent IMEs) too in Azhagi, which is as of now available only in Azhagi's Unicode Editor. You can use Alt-F10 to convert a line or portion or whole of the English text in your current application to Tamil and have the same shown on a new and separate pop-up window. You can build websites in Tamil with ease, using Azhagi Dynamic Tamil font, which is given to you FREE of cost on making a payment to Azhagi. You have comprehensive help documents in-built in the software, covering all aspects of Azhagi in detail. You have a sophisticated Search & Replace utility which can search or search & replace Tamil and English text, during 'Single Screen' Transliteration. You can have your preferences to set start-up font size, text color, screen appearance etc.
You have a multi-featured Find utility which can search on Tamil text or English text or both, during Dual Screen Transliteration. You can edit your text with much fewer key-strokes in 'Dual Screen' transliteration, when compared to 'Single Screen' transliteration, since you effect all editing from the English text area itself. Smart Batch Processing Workflows for Photo Editing SoftColor Automata is a workflow automation software for advanced color correction, image editing and color management. Hide this box Phixr is a free online photo editor, a tool for editing your photos in your web browser.
1026 shares 200+ Seamless Patterns Perfect for Website Backgrounds Wea€™re always on the lookout for great freebies to share with our readers, and today wea€™ve got some seamless patterns.
Bulk SMS Resellers required from all across India, Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Agra, Jaipur etc., We offer the cheapest bulk sms services to our Bulk SMS Resellers in India.
We are providing user friendly SMS API , so user can integrate his account with any desktop application to work. In case you are still not familiar with it, an email signature is like a visual visiting card at the end of every email you send. The 4 free websites to create email signatures reviewed here are WiseStamp, htmlsig, companySIG, and DIGITECH Branding. While you are designing your signature, there are different templates and options available at your disposal.

The website has both free and paid versions, the latter obviously having a few more extra features. You can either choose to create an account or start working on your signature without any sign-up.
Once you are done with the procedure, hit the Make Signature button; you will be guided to the instructions page. So, you have now been acquainted with 4 different platforms to create email signatures for yourself.
Because this site is relatively new compared to other established dating communities, you can avail of its services for free. The phonetic keyboard layout screen can be displayed ON-TOP of all applications both in vertical style and in horizontal stye.
From within these internal editors, you can save your Tamil Text (and its corresponding English text too, during dual screen transliteration), in Rich Text Format (RTF) files, which are readable in MS-Word and all similar editors across computer platforms. Just copy and paste the English text from an external editor like Notepad or MS-Word or even a Web'page, onto the English text area of Azhagi and it will get transliterated into Tamil text.
Drag and Drop Image Files or Folders With PhotoEQ you can work with almost any digital image or RAW-formats. RIA Application build on Adobe Flex The FlauntR RIA (Rich Internet Application) application has been widely cited as an example of intuitive user interface design and use of cutting edge technology. Automata works independently on the background and can work with multiple simultaneously workflows. It has all the basic and advanced photo editing features, plus some fun ones, like adding text or clipart, adding speech-bubbles, and many more.
Seamless patterns are a great way to add a lot of detail to a design and fill up a big area, such as a background. It includes your basic details like name, number, email id, and also links to your different accounts.
This is easily one of the best platforms to create an email signature and comes with a handy list of features, which are all available for free. You can start with filling in basic information like your name, company name, phone number, email id, and a couple more.
But, one feature that really separates the two is that in the former (free version) the website puts its own link as an ad and you cannot delete it. You are required to visit the View my Signature tab, and copy paste the signature in the signature box of your email client. This site will even lead you to websites that can give you advice on how to make an online romance last. You can invoke this separate Unicode Editor by pressing 'F8' or clicking the 'Unicode Editor' button (as you see in the screenshot below) at the top right of Azhagi's opening screen. As simple as that (advantages or usefulness of dual screen transliteration can be viewed here).
For eg., from sites where Tamil content of interest is available in transliterated English, one can just copy them and paste in the English text area of Azhagi and you will get the phonetic Tamil equivalent in the Tamil text area of Azhagi, in quick time.
You can generate Tamil text, even without typing, by simple mouse clicks and dragging, with the aid of the optional keypad. Just drag and drop your image files and folders to PhotoEQ and you are ready to start working. The FlauntR interface engineered using Adobe Flex, Flash and J2EE technologies has been featured on and the Yahoo Gallery among others.
Automata can have unlimited number of different workflows and it has support for file logistics operations.
Follow these instructions if you are behind a proxy that prevents pip-Win from downloading files. For photo-sharing, online-classifieds and other community-driven websites striving to monetise their photo inventory, Pixenatea„? offers powerful photo-editing tools that foster creativity and stimulate purchases of custom photo products. However, there is no hard and fast rule that your email signature must contain all this information. You can create your signature without signing up but will require a free account to start using it. There are also options to add your picture ( whether online or from your system), choose between different themes & templates, and add links to your social profiles.

Creating signatures is easy as you get to see a live preview of everything you are doing, and the options available are self-explanatory. All you have to do is sign up for a free account, enter the details, and generate your email signature to start using it.
There are two different styles available and you are required to choose one of them right at the start. As you can see in the above screenshot, there is a huge lot of beautiful templates to choose from and they are all available for free.
Apart from Dual Screen Transliteration (English text is visible and available synchronously), you can directly type your English text in the Tamil text area itself (in full-screen) to generate the Tamil text alone. Note that you can even specify which portions of your text should be kept in English itself without getting converted to Tamil. It loads automatically new and changed image files from the input folder and after processing it saves images to the output folder. Pixenate is a self-hosted solution which means it is software you can install on your own webserver. You can also sign up once your signature is done, and the link given above will guide you to the page where you can start designing.
Start with the basic details like name, company name etc, and add links to all your social profiles.
Next you are required to fill in the basic information, and then finally generate a signature for yourself. Click here for snapshot and click here for more details on Azhagi's English to Tamil Auto-Converter.
You can choose a particular template for yourself; choose to include only that information which you find important. There is a live preview screen where you can watch real time preview of your signature as you are entering all the details.
The two main limitations of the free version are that it contains ads and that your signature expires after 30 days.
You can also choose to add a disclaimer & a banner in your signature, and choose among different fonts, styles, etc. Once a style is chosen, you come to the main procedure which unfolds in a step by step manner. You can start using this signature by pasting it in the signature box of your email client. The font (SaiIndira) is FREE and comes along with Azhagi pack and you can pass it on to the recipients freely via email, cd-rom, etc.
The signatures you create on these websites work with all the platforms including Gmail, Yahoo mail and more.
But these two limitations are overcome by the fact the ads are only in your free account & not in your signature, and that you can update your signature from time to time to prevent it from getting expired. On the contrary, the procedure to create email signatures is a tad lengthy as lot of boxes are to be filled. You can opt to type in either mode of Transliteration at any time, as per your convenience. The website will give you a short link that can be used to share, edit your signature and this link expires in 30 days.
First you fill up your personal information, then company details, social profile links, and your display image.
You can come back to the website if you want to make any changes to the signature you just created. To use your signature you will have to make settings depending on the email client you are using. A lot of these boxes are optional and you can choose to leave them based on your convenience and choice. All this information is given on the preview page, the screenshot of which has been attached above.

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