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Under the Act a State record is defined as any record of information (in any form) created, received or maintained by a government organisation or parliamentary department in the course of conducting its business activities. The State Records Act 2001 dictates that all government agencies must have a Recordkeeping Plan. Accurate, they need to ensure that content, structure and context are preserved to ensure they accurately reflect the original transaction and are not open to misinterpration). Authentic, this means that they must originate from an authorised creator and from the specified source. All of the above criteria ensure that any record created by organisations can be used to support evidence of it's transactions in a court of law. If the organisation goes bankrupt or is prosecuted as a result of your negligence you could, lose your job, be fined or even imprisoned!
This document presents guidance, based on current Commonwealth laws, about the legal acceptance of records in a court of law, particularly electronic records. The National Archives of Australia's Records in Evidence gives a clear example of why an organisation should pay particular attention to the Evidence Act.
The Commonwealth needs to prove that John, a public servant, sent a particular email at a specific time. Even if the evidence is admissible and is admitted, whether or not the court will accept the evidence as proof that John sent the email may depend upon other evidence before the court, including evidence that may be led by another party. For example, the Commonwealth’s evidence of a record of John’s computer log on may need to be accompanied by evidence that John’s password was personal to him and, in the case of a network computer system, that no one but John could log on to his personal email account. If documents are not readily available, you can apply for access under the Freedom of Information Act 1992. If the organisation holds records about your personal affairs, which you believe are incomplete, incorrect, out of date or misleading, you can apply for them to be amended. There are a number of Standards that are designed to help clarify the requirements of the recordkeeping Acts. This standard provides guidance on creating records policies, procedures, systems and processes to support the management of records in all formats. The AGLS metadata standard, AS 5044, is the national standard for online resource discovery, mandated for use on all Australian Government websites. The Australian Government recordkeeping metadata standard describes the information Australian Government agencies should incorporate to establish physical and intellectual control over their records. The storage standard is a comprehensive guide to the storage of all Australian Government records, whether held in agency-owned or leased facilities, or with alternative storage providers.
New Initiative - Online Retention and Disposal Application (ORDA) The State Records Office of WA is leading the development of a new web-based application that will enable government agency staff, and records consultants working with agencies, to draft and submit Retention and Disposal Schedules to the State Records Office.
Once Retention and Disposal Schedules are approved, it is intended that they would be searchable and accessible within ORDA for other clients drafting their own Retention and Disposal Schedules.

It is intended that such criteria would integrate with ORDA so that, when drafting a Retention and Disposal Schedule, clients can benchmark and justify decisions about appraisal and restricted access archives against wider frameworks. The State Records Office also intends to develop a sibling web application to facilitate the online drafting and submission of Recordkeeping Plans. Federal agents recently traced a death threat E-mailed to President Clinton to a workstation located in a branch of the Waterloo Public Library, IA. For complete instructions on how to add your custom text and print your invitation letters visit the tutorial on our blog.
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Therefore if employees do not adhere to recordkeeping policies, the integrity of the recordkeeping system and indeed the whole organisation could be questioned.
Establishing the authenticity and reliability of records may depend on the accuracy of the process or system used to produce the record, the source of the information in the record, and the method and time of its preparation. There is no ‘direct observation’ evidence of that fact, that is, no one who can testify that they saw John write the email and then press the send icon on his computer. However, the court would not necessarily infer that John was the person who sent the email if there was other evidence before the court that, for example, personal passwords in John’s work area were generally known and occasionally used by others to log on to email accounts, or if email messages logged into the agency’s recordkeeping system could be manipulated after the fact. Requests should be made in writing (application FOI form) and submitted to the FOI Coordinator or the Records Team with the appropriate fee. Applications should be made in writing (application form available if required) and submitted to the FOI Coordinator. Compliance with the standard will help agencies meet business, accountability and archival requirements in a systematic and consistent way by maintaining reliable, meaningful and accessible records over time.

The standard covers all types of storage and represents a code of best practice for the storage of government records.
Although there is no precedent covering whether a library can be held accountable legally, word of the incident immediately sent a buzz through library listservs regarding record-keeping policies and patrons rights.
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Problems may arise with the admissibility of records if appropriate standards and procedures are not followed in creating and maintaining them (National Archives of Australia, 2005). But there may be other records that courts will consider as evidence that John sent the email at that specific time. Michael Dargan, technical systems administrator at the library, said via E-mail that the facility does not authenticate the use of public Internet workstations, making it impossible to discern who used a particular machine at a particular time and date. American Library Association Councilor Sue Kamm asserted that intellectual freedom principles might be at issue in the case. You can share this free Netflix account and password with your friends and family but, you can download as many accounts as you want from my website. The site also features user submitted content,  posts news from the vector world and is updated daily.
Though library records are considered private, a staffer at the Sonoma County Library, CA, recalled a similar incident. Click the link below and follow the instructions in the video to get your of free Netflix account info and watch all the movies and series for FREE FORVER! Federal investigators insisted strongly, he said, that the interest of national security takes precedence over individual rights and that the library would be "obligated" to provide the information without hesitation. Several cases in recent years, including the Oklahoma bombing, Unabomber, and the Andrew Cunanan manhunt, all resulted in law enforcement authorities obtaining access to defendants' library records.

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