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This Meeting Confirmation Letter has been created using Microsoft Word 2003 and thus it is very easy to customize.
You can have a look at the preview of this Meeting Confirmation Letter Template below along with the download link. The following sign-up templates are for personal, organizational, or company use, but may not be placed on the internet, resold, etc. You can use this generic form for collecting names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses - for whatever occasion. Use this volunteer sign up form to collect contact information from people interested in helping.

Sign In Sheets - These templates are similar to sign up forms, so you may want them out, also. If you have set a meeting with someone on a particular day and time and want to confirm this before a day or few hours, then this template is going to be very useful for you.
This might help you avoid having too many chips, not enough main dishes, or too much dessert (can you have too much dessert?).
You'll probably want to customize it a bit, but starting with the template should save you quite a bit of time. Include jQuery library and the jQuery Multiple Emails plugin's JS & CSS in the document.

Output the Email addresses your users input to a given container with an unique ID 'current_emails'. You can use this Meeting Confirmation Letter Template to remind the recipients about the meeting so that they can be there on time to attend the meeting. You can fill in the necessary information and send it to the meeting recipients as a Fax, Email or by Post Mail.

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