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As with all other email clients, Zimbra Desktop supports Gmail, Hotmail, and all the mail servers that support POP or IMAP. One thing I really liked about Zimbra Desktop is that it is really easy to setup your email accounts in Zimbra.
Right now, I am using 64 bit version of Thunderbird (Shredder) to check my corporate email. So this post is all about getting your free GoDaddy email activated so that you can plug your new, professional looking email in everywhere on your web presence.
Once you click “Use Credit,” the right hand side of your web screen will refresh and present a panel that lists the domain(s) available to use your free email credit with. Select the domain you want to use (if you only have one domain name with GoDaddy, then there will only be one option) and scroll down the panel and click the green continue button. Once you’ve clicked the green continue button, you’ll see that the center of your web browsing screen will either show the domain’s newly created email under Email Plans (just below the yellow box from above) or add it to an existing list of domains. After clicking the Manage Account link for your email box, your browser will open a new tab called Email Control Center (see screenshot below). A new pop-up called “Create Mailbox” will appear in the center of your web browsing screen. Leave the “Space for this mailbox” as-is (you can change any of these settings later if you want to reallocate more or less space among other free email accounts if you have other GoDaddy domain names). You’ll see that once the pop-up closes, you’ll be returned to a web browsing screen that shows that your recently added mailbox is pending setup (I’ve highlighted this in the screenshot below). This is handy but not something I use mostly because I have so many free GoDaddy emails, it’s kinda of cumbersome.

Next week I’ll talk about what I do use, to corral all my emails from various custom domains, into one place, my Outlook Inbox. In the meantime though, GoDaddy has a thorough email help section online that can step you through connecting your GoDaddy email to Microsoft Outlook or your Apple computer. However, Zimbra has one big advantage over other free email clients – you can even check your Yahoo mail in Zimbra (I am talking about the free version of Yahoo mail, not just Yahoo Plus email). If you had an experience of setting up your accounts in Mozilla Thunderbird, you are going to be pleasantly surprised with Zimbra. Zimbra desktop does not support LDAP for address book which is a must for me to check my corporate email account. I don’t need a desktop client for my yahoo and gmail as tamil R8 toolbar for firefox is helpful in notifying the yahoo and gmail mails.
Not as easy or feature rich as Outlook, but ability to check Yahoo mail is a very huge factor for me.
Well, I hear a lot of requests from clients participants who have gotten their tech savvy on in one of my workshops. Once you’ve signed in, hover over “Email” in the top navigation and select “My Email Account” under Email Management. In my example below, I’ve highlighted the newly created email which you can see sits between several other email accounts assigned to various domains I previously secured with GoDaddy.
On the very right hand side of the new screen that’s shown you’ll see another gold “Add” button.
You can click the “What is this?” hyperlink to get GoDaddy’s explanation of what this checkbox option does.

It can take up to a few hours for GoDaddy to do it’s behind-the-scenes thang, however, most of the time, it takes less than an hour. Zimbra Desktop is a full featured free email client, and is equally good for both home, as well as business use. This would be expected, as Yahoo has to add up some advantage to Zimbra that other email clients out there cannot enjoy. If this is your only domain with GoDaddy, you’ll only have one “Manage Account” link to click. I just keep refreshing the screen (by hitting my F5 key) and waiting for the status to change to active. From the feature lineup, it seems Yahoo is pitching Zimbra Desktop as an alternative to MS Outlook.
Just this feature made me switch from Thunderbird to Zimbra, as Thunderbird did not let me check my Yahoo account. If you are trying to setup a Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or AOL account, you do just have to provide your email address and your password, and nothing else!

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