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An awesome presentation on one hand can deliver more useful information and positive attitude, on the other hand, it can be interactive and engage you audience exactly.
One of the charming characters of Focusky online presentation maker is wonderful zooming effect. Focusky free alternative to PowerPoint Presentation can be shared to social networks, embed into website or blog or email to someone directly. Download free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds with original slide designs for your presentations. Video background templates usually have a standalone video slide which runs in the backdrop, with text and images displayed on top of the video slide. While a quick search on the Office Templates Gallery reveals a plethora of interesting PowerPoint Templates, most of the given templates are hardly anything extraordinary.
If you were to go looking for a PowerPoint remote app on the Google Play Store, you might find several apps with complex settings, with no idea if the app is even going to work. PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. When you go to the Text 2 MindMap website, it provides you with a sample map which can be easily edited. From the ‘Text’ tab you can add text for making your mind map by editing the given fields and adding new text strings. You can customize the text fields with custom colors, adjust your map size, change font and lock items via the ‘Options’ tab. After you are done making your mind map, you can download it offline in PDF or image format and save it to generate a custom URL which can be used to share your mind map online. Text 2 MindMap is a free web app, however, you can opt for a paid package to acquire additional features like HTTPS security, an ads free interface and the ability to save mind maps to your account.
Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. It’s not inside that ice cream container and it definitely isn’t in the next article you read, or is it? If you haven’t noticed yet, my advice on this topic seems kind of hazy, but that’s my point exactly.
I just walk away, go have lunch with my daughter, and do  anything but stare at the material. To download our Sales Pitch Presentation 5 Metrics Checklist please fill below form and download free checklist for your presentations.
Independent Prezi ExpertAs an Official, Independent Prezi Exert, you can rest assured the team at wOw Prezi provides design, marketing and training services that are of the highest standard. TweetScoop.itAs HTML5 is the next generation markup language of the World Wide Web, most modern browsers and devices now support HTML5.

For those of you who are unaware of the Prezi platform, it is used for creating presentations with a zooming UI and is a viable alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. In order to convert your Prezis to HTML5 you must first convert them to a video format (e.g.
Once your Prezi has been converted to a specific video format, you can use any of the below mentioned tools for converting it to HTML5. In case you have converted your Prezi to SWF format, then the easiest way to transform and save it in HTML5 is to use the Swiffy web service by Google. Upload SWF File: Simply go to the Swiffy service, select your SWF file and click Upload And Convert. File Will Be Converted To HTML5 Format: This will convert the SWF file to HTML5 and make it instantly available online. Download Converted File: You can download your HTML5 file using the given QR code or by selecting “Save link as” option from your browser, via right-click menu.
Run Converted File From Local Drive: The below image shows a Video Prezi converted to HTML5, running from a computer hard drive. While Swiffy only supports SWF files up to 1 MB, you can use the FreeStudio HTML5 Video Converter to convert heavier files (up to any size) from various video formats to HTML5. Then Focusky Free Alternative to PowerPoint Presentation can help you engage your audience actually by eye-catching content and animation. Once you import PowerPoint to Focusky, then you can start to drag the canvas and edit the slide. There is no doubt sharing to online presentation to network is a necessary way to reach more audiences. Make awesome PowerPoint presentations with free illustrations or combine nice diagrams for PowerPoint with business characters and avatars to impress your audience. The widescreen aspect ratio is being used in modern presentation rooms so now you can download free templates that optimize the projection space. This is because neither does Microsoft offer a variety of business diagram templates nor are the diagrams (if any) usually editable. If you want a simple PowerPoint remote for Android, a very simple app that you can use is Presenter.
We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations. There are also instructions provided for editing the given sample mind map for making your own.
Another very useful option located in this section is ‘Zoom’, which makes it possible to carefully analyze or present your mind map right from the Text 2 MindMap website. He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging.

But I want to mentioned one of the best mind mapping software (or concept map maker), which I listen so many times from people on the web, and even I am using it since long time. The next big wow factor isn’t going to jump into your head like some bad Sci Fi movie monster. This however creates a dilemma for programmers to find quick and easy ways to convert their action scripts or SWF Flash files to HTML5 format, so that they can be played without the Flash Player (e.g. Swiffy can not only be used as a workaround for converting Prezis to HTML5 format but also for making your ActionScripts and Flash files compatible with devices that don’t support Flash. As the file is saved to your computer in HTML5 format, you can use it in your projects and run it in a supported HTML5 application to preview it (e.g.
For example, you can not only convert SWF files but also files belonging to AVI, MP4, MOV or other famous video formats.
You can also fiddle with advanced options to suit your requirements but usually that isn’t even required.
My neighbor wakes me up before the sun rises working on his front deck and blasting music out of his radio. One time, my daughter looked at me and said, “Dad, I want to go down and ride my bike.” She had a puzzled look when I said, “Spinning Wheels!” It seems nonsensical, but my daughter’s everyday demand ushered in a wave of inspiration for my project that seemed to be unsolvable just hours before. You know you did, and you probably are ready to go digging for that next random chunk of gold. You can even convert videos from numerous formats in batch by selecting multiple files to the conversion queue. Anyway, if you don't make the content blur while you are zooming in it, you should insert high solution or vector images easily.
Just me getting annoyed and saying the word “blast” was enough for me to find the wow factor for one presentation. Hence, you can convert your action scripts and Flash videos to circumvent Flash and even  use it to present your Prezi presentations on devices which don’t have Flash support. It’s a mixture of luck and my ability to acknowledge when a truly inspirational idea comes along.
This concept I explained here will make more sense when I explain my next method of finding inspiration.
While there is no native option to convert Prezis directly to HTML5, there are a few workarounds that can help you get the job done. While there’s no golden rule, this is what  I do when trying to find inspiration for a Prezi presentation.

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