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70 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Download free Powerpoint template for your presentation, this collections is useful and simply your work in preparing your presentation for client or teaching at school.
Celestial is a 16:9 free powerpoint templates for business, education, science or astronomy presentation, come with abstract background combines a two-tone purple and blue nebula texture. Ocean PPT Template is perfect for ecology and nature presentation, this templates are compatible with MS PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. This free template with vibrant color human vector shape and speech bubbles on a light grey world map background.
Download this free Microsoft Office Power Point presentation template with unique theme, slide design and high quality background and use them for your business presentation or personal slideshow. All Microsoft PPT presentation templates, themes, slide design and layouts on this sight were created by our professional graphic designers. Best free Powerpoint themes Download best free ppt templates and ppt backgrounds for your business presentations. Themes compatibility All best presentation templates, backgrounds and themes available for download are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows (PPT 2007 or later) and for Mac OS X (PPT 2008 or later). Disclaimers Our best ppt templates are free and we do not offer any kind of support for our templates. Description: christmas greeting card power Powerpoint Backgrounds for Presentation Slide free on category powerpoints!
Free quality, private, selected and designed according to demand backgrounds powerpoint presentations.
Below you can find some good PPT templates for free that you can download to make your presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.
Incredible slide design for business presentations featuring a nice blue background color with curved line and ready made to be used as a PPT template for your next presentation.
Awesome PPT template that you can download for free with the direct link including a nice grid template with an original Belgium Atomium picture.
This is a unique and elegant style for PPT templates that you can download for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 to make stunning presentations for free. The slide design has a nice curved effect with light gray background and it contains internal slide and master slide templates. If these free PPT templates are not enough then you can browse our free collection of templates and backgrounds for PowerPoint including nice diagrams and shapes for presentations with more than 3500 free templates and assets. This is a free PowerPoint chart template that you can download if you need to prepare awesome charts for your PowerPoint presentations. These three donut charts can be very useful if you need to prepare a finance presentation to show the business growth during certain period or if you need to make a sales presentation in PowerPoint. The figure above shows a simple chart design created in PowerPoint with three different series. PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. Copyright © 2012 Animated PowerPoint Templates, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
We also offer free scientific PowerPoint templates for you to use as a starting point in making your poster.
Download your free copy of our Periodic Table of Scientific Posters, a handy "how-to" infographic for making a great scientific poster. If you've made your way to this PowerPoint Research Poster Tutorial, you're probably already familiar with scientific posters, but need some help making one yourself. Scientific poster presentations1 are usually large posters that students and professionals use to effectively communicate research at a scientific meeting. If your poster is clear and concise, an individual should be able to read it in less than 10 minutes. A well thought out title will attract viewers and will clarify the subject matter of your poster.

Most meetings will require you to submit an abstract2 for approval before admitting you to present for their poster session.
In this section you will cover the materials and methods (shocking!) that you used in your research process. It’s always a good idea to begin the Results section with an initial summary of your results.
In your next paragraph, you can discuss the relationship between the data and your research question. Charts and graphs are usually more effective than tables, but whatever you choose to use, make sure everything is labeled clearly! In your conclusion section you want to briefly review your research questions and the results you obtain.
If you have an extremely extensive list of references, you may want to break it into 2 columns. You can acknowledge people who have helped you with your work, such as other members of your research group or your funding source. When adding e-mails and web addresses, be sure to deactivate the hyperlink so they don’t show up as blue with and underline.
A lot of posters include this section so the readers are able to contact the author later or read more about the research. This powerpoint theme are perfect for social connections, networking, communication, Internet presentation, etc. This beautiful and creative PowerPoint theme is about business and will be a great choice for impressive presentations on business, marketing, strategy, politics, economy etc. Upon downloading ppt templates, you agree to use the templates, themes or backgrounds under its respected license. You are responsible for editing and modifying the downloaded ppt templates, backgrounds or themes.
To set the image as wallpaper, right click the image and choose to download for microsoft powerpoint!
All these are free PowerPoint templates for Business PowerPoint slide designs that you can use in your presentations or for inspiration.
Inside this PPT template with charts you can find some good examples of charts that you can customize for your own presentation needs. Sales chart for PowerPoint, you can learn more about how to present sales report in PowerPoint 2010. It is important to understand that before you insert a chart you must close any open dialog box, otherwise you will receive a notification message.
You can quickly switch to any other chart design by right clicking over the chart series, for example if you want to change the shape used for the chart.
We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations. If this is your first time creating a research poster or just need some pointers to take your poster to the next level, you've come to the right place. Regardless of the content, the presenter's goal is to display information in a clear, concise manner, while generating interest to engage in a discussion. Assuming the overall look of your poster has gotten their attention, you need to make sure that the title keeps it. Many times the abstract is also made available in a “meeting catalogue” or online database for later viewing by meeting attendees. The introduction section is here to introduce your issue, so be sure to not bore your readers right away with excessive information. Feel free to include any images, charts, or graphs here that will help the viewer better understand your process.
Don’t address your research question just yet; instead, just address the general aspects of the data you collected or the number of valid data obtained.

A graph with missing labels or a table without a title will just leave the reader confused.
It is common to shrink the font of the References section if it becomes overbearing and long. If there are any conflicts of interest regarding you and the work you have presented, be sure to include that here. You can include your email or website address, links to relevant resources, or even a QR code (What is a QR Code?) that viewers can scan to go directly to your website or a PDF version of your poster. Microsoft ppt presentation templates with unique themes, designs, layout and high quality backgrounds are easy to use. You can download ppt backgrounds or templates files on this site for personal or educational use only. The ppt templates are offered "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Here we will show you some nice and ready made PPT templates with direct links for free download. In order to change the chart type you can right click over the chart and then choose Change Chart Type option.
Research posters are generally a bit larger and designed on a computer with software such as PowerPoint, and then printed out on a wide-format printer. Poster conferences usually host rows and rows of research posters, so the poster should be able to be easily scanned by passersby. Make sure to keep the length of the title as brief as possible without taking away crucial information. You can even include graphics if they will help the viewer understand the work that you have done. Be sure to include any graphics that can help show you data visually, as the readers can understand graphics more easily and quickly than blocks of text.
Summarize your information and remember the goal is to make your poster easy to scan over quickly, so use bulleted lists whenever possible. Category you want to view and templates that you want to be able to download the presentation as appropriate to your project.
Just insert your presentation text, pictures into the slides and you are ready for your business presentation.
All best ppt presentation templates, backgrounds and themes available for download are Compatible with Microsoft Office PowerPoint (PPT 2007 or later).
Most poster sessions suggest that the poster should be readable from six feet away and able to be completely read in ten minutes. Depending on what applies to your topic, you could break the content into the following sections: an introduction to your research question, an overview of your approach, a discussion regarding your results, your conclusion, references for the materials that you have used, and an acknowledgment of the support and assistance from others. However if you have to include an abstract on your poster, make it very short; remember, the poster itself is already a condensed report of your work.
This will give your research more impact on your readers as well as show your professionalism in the study. While you may not be a graphic designer, think about how you could present the information in a more visually interesting way. Use charts and graphs wherever possible instead of harder to read tables or paragraphs of text. Creative infographics have become increasingly popular and are a great way to convey information more attractively.

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