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To add the image to an additional slide simple create a new slide and select an image background. Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailling list to get the latest Pages, Numbers and Keynote tips, tricks and Templates!
TweetScoop.itIf you are looking to prepare your next Keynote presentation and looking for free Keynote templates then you can get tons of free layout designs, backgrounds and ready made Keynote templates to use for your next presentation.
Here are a few examples of abstract templates that you can easily import into Keynote from PowerPoint. This is a red abstract slide design with curves that contains a simple master slide with cover slide and internal slide where you can put charts, lists or images. If you are looking for other color variants for Keynote presentation templates then you can download the blue Keynote template for free.
Blue Keynote template also comes with internal slide layout ready to be used for bullet points, unless you don’t want to use bullet point after converting to Keynote presentation.
The yellow Keynote template is also a good abstract slide design that you can use for Keynote presentations. Now you can download free Apple Keynote templates ready to be used in your next presentation and take advantage of pages keynote and Keynote capabilities in Mac or iOS.

Now, you can reproduce these steps to import any of our PPT templates and convert them to Keynote templates.
Parallel is a modern presentation with style and sophistication, perfect for a creative agency, photographer, fashion brand, high street retailer or any business with style. Please note that if you bought this item between November 2013 & May 2014 the 1920?1080 version was not included.
The five new designs, called Architecture, Purple, Vintage, Hot Chocolate, and Glacier, were produced, like all products from Jumsoft, by professional designers. This great looking theme features a high altitude photograph of both the surface of the earth and also the moon. Our site is about PowerPoint but easily you can import our free PPT templates into Keynote templates to take advantage of the beautiful Keynote transitions, animations and styles. Basically you just need to open Keynote, then Opening an Existing File and here you can pick any PPT presentation (created with PowerPoint) and will seamlessly imported into Keynote.
Please download the item again from your Downloads page to get access to the larger version. Each of them reflects the title in a visual way and adds some spice to your presentations.Quick to UseThere’s nothing easier than the installation of our themes.

Now you can take advantage of the beautiful Keynote transitions instead of PowerPoint transitions. After you’re finished, you will find all 25 themes conveniently displayed in Keynote's Themes menu. Choose the one you need and make your presentation FIT the occasion perfectly.Professional and Distinctive AppearanceThe topic of your presentation does not matter. You can easily export your presentation with our themes to various formats, from simple images to PDF or QuickTime-compatible files. Furthermore, after the easy export Process, you can even use them with PowerPoint where they will look just as good as in your Keynote.

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