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Free XML Flash Photo Gallery is a Flash application that allows you to add a perfect photo gallery to your website without any tech knowledge and programming skills. View a live demo and see yourself what a stunning photo album you'll create with our Free Flash Photo Gallery for your masterpieces. As you see - creating a perfect image gallery without any programming skills is very fast and easy. Speed up your coding with tons of time-saving features and work smarter with Code Insight for PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript on the fly. Integrated HTML editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, missing tag suggestion, matching tag highlighting and more. Full-featured integrated JavaScript editor - syntax highlighting, code completion, code insight frameworks, formatter, minifier and more.
What a PHP IDE!I'm working with this PHP IDE since 3 month and I'm absolutely overwhelmed, what this tool offers at low price.

This easy to use and install Flash component is a great solution for photographers, artists and anyone who wants to feature an image showcase at their websites. Select the images you want to show with your Flash gallery and put them in the created folder. Build tomorrow's website and apps with this full-featured PHP editor with built-in editors for HTML5-, CSS3- and JavaScript! The philosophy behind is to make it, enjoyable to code for hours through an easy-to-use-, intuitive- and customizable workspace. I just recently bought the Portable Edition so I can use the program when I'm not home.I recommend this to everyone who's into web development, be it a beginner, expert or professional. XML Flash Photo Gallery is free of charge, so just download it and embed into your website, hereby enhancing your web page with the vivid photo gallery to showcase your art works.
You can change the name of index.html file to whatever name you want to give to your brand new Flash photo gallery.

So don't waste the time - download your Free Flash Photo Gallery from FlashMint and show the world your art works in no time. Being XML based this free Flash image gallery is very easy to configure and maintain as you'll have to deal only with editing one single XML file. Instead I got fascinated by the internet and began to develop freeware programs that could help other people creating cool websites for the emerging internet. Over the past 15 years I have created programs like phpDesigner and htmlGate with downloads in more than 100 countries.

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