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Choosing a domain name is an important step in creating a website and also contributes to the success of your business on the web. Here is more information on the subject; the choice of the process domain name for the book, without forgetting the legal aspects to be considered.
Le nom de domaine est un ou quelques mots qui identifient votre site Web et The domain is one or few words that identify your website and it is the web address of your site.
In addition, the domain name is the first element that search engines base is to identify your site.

Ask ten people (friends and people that may be your customers) to give you a list of words and phrases they would use to find you on Google. If your budget allows, buy multiple domain names, that is to say obtain domain names corresponding to simple mistakes that can be made by searching your website in various search engines. Once you found the domain name, it is important to ensure that you are the only one with the name of "concept", question you avoid future problems with the law.
Domain names must not harm national safety, public order or be contrary to morality and decency, and that they must not undermine the religion, language, culture, political opinions or using terms with racist connotations.

This is the domain that the user must enter in their browser address bar to go directly to your site.
This will prevent potential lawsuits and prevent you especially have to change the name of your site.

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