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Delaware LLCs are governed by Title 6, Chapter 18, Delaware Limited Liability Company Act, of the Delaware Statutes.
The following Delaware LLC operating agreement covers important items in your Delaware LLC management. Delaware LLCs are formed by filing a Delaware certificate of formation with the Delaware Secretary of State. If you would like to hire us as your Delaware agent for service of process for your Delaware LLC, you’ll have all the benefits of our online Delaware LLC tools to maintain and manage your Delaware LLC. Multi-Member A multi member LLC provides multiple members the ownership of one entity.This protects the members from being personally liable from lawsuits or any obligation in question.
An LLC operating agreement helps to ensure that courts will respect your limited personal liability.
A Delaware LLC is a form of enterprise that provides limited liability (low risk) to its owner(s) and has tax benifits of an S corporation without conforming to the S corporation restrictions. Partnerships may specially allocate the members' distributive share of income, gain, loss, deduction or credit. Members are protected from some or all liability for acts and debts of the LLC depending on the state.

Is an LLC Operating Agreement needed if I am the only member of the LLC (Single Member LLC)? If you plan on forming a Single Member LLC in Delaware, you will not need to obtain an EIN if you do not plan on having employees.
The LLC Operating Agreement does not have to be filed with any paticular Agency but every member shall keep a signed copy for their records. Herzlich Willkommenim historischen Rathaus in Maintal Hochstadt mit seiner Ebbelwei-Sch?nke. Most States would call the filing a Delaware LLC articles of organization, but Delaware calls it a Delaware LLC certificate of formation. This protects the owner from being personally liable from lawsuits or any obligation in question.
This is paticularly key in the formation of an LLC, where, without the formality of an agreement, the LLC will look like a sole proprietorship. A LLC is an unincorporated association that is flexible and easy to set up which makes it very appealing to small business owners and it allows for pass through income taxation (no double taxation).
You need to create an Operating Agreement to separate yourself as an individual from your LLC.

The Delaware LLC holds some of the best LLC asset protection laws behind it, so Delaware just feels like it should be even more special and call it a Delaware certificate of formation instead of Delaware articles of organization.
By having a single member LLC operating agreement form, you will be acknowledging that you recognize your business as one separate and apart from yourself.
In Delaware, without an Operating Agreement the LLC can closely resemble a sole proprietorship, which leaves you wide open for personal liability for business debts of the LLC and the core of the business operation would then be governed by state law, which would play an unfavorable role.
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