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Kernel для FAT и NTFS является профессиональным программным обеспечением для восстановления NTFS или FAT таблицы разделов из компьютера. Miss placing files in hard disk and deleting files and data’s accidentally from PC occurs most of the time and for most of us. Files that you have deleted from your PC, mp3 player or iPod is not gone, it still remains in your hard disk and flash drive which you can recover it. Pandora Recovery is free and another great software in which you can find and recover files and data’s from your hard disk.
PC Inspector file recovery is free and another great file and data recovery program that supports FAT and NTFS file systems. First of all Photo REC and Test Desk is a command line tool which do not have a graphical user interface.
Search Everything is a free to use tool which can be used to search anything, everything in your computer easily.
Glary undelete is another free data recovery software that supports FAT, NTFS and NTFS + EFS file systems.
Hope this list of free data recovery software and file search utilities will be more useful for you.
Best list of free image & graphic designing softwares Never mind that you are not a graphic designer, every one like IT professionals, students, media institutes will get greatly useful with this softwares. List of free screen recording software and screen capturing tools Help other peoples by creating a how to guides and software tutorials for your blog.
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All these data recovery software and file search utilities supports all file formats like mp3 files, videos, documents or any other program. In Pandora Recovery you can scan your whole hard disk and make an index of existing files and deleted files. Dot Fetcher is a free search utility in which you can find files easily using words and phrases.
PC inspector file recovery finds partitions automatically even though if the boot sector has erased.
It has clear and simple user interface, quick file indexing, quick file searching and more. It has a easy to use interface which recovers files from your computer’s hard drive, flash drive, memory cards and other storage devices that’s been connected to your PC.
Manipulating each music aspects and creating a new work of music is referred as music composition. This weblog is dedicated for designers, developers, bloggers, internet marketers, web and computer enthusiasts. But what if you have deleted it from recycle bin or formatted the entire hard disk without backing up important files and data.
Also with these data recovery software you can recover all your missing files and also searching files becomes simple which saves your big time. It recovers files from original date and time stamp and moreover you can save the recovered files and it supports recovering files from hard drives, flash drives and memory cards.

Any how this is a useful and best tool which can recover deleted files from hard drives, CDs, memory cards, flash drives and other storage types. No worries!  Here we will see some list of free data recovery software and file search utilities for your PC.
Also you will have search functionality in which you can easily search deleted files in directory.
PC inspector file recovery supports these following file formats ARJ, BMP, AVI, DOC, DBF, DXF, CDR, EXE, XLS, GIF, HTML, MID, JPG, HLP, LZH, MOV, MP3, MID, TAR, RTF, PNG, PDF, TIF, WAV and ZIP.
Test Desk covers recovering data files and Photo REC covers recovering medial files like images, audio and video. With Recuva you can easily recover files and data’s from hard drive, flash drive, external drive, USB drive, CD,s and DVD,s.
It can recover files from memory card, hard drive, etc and moreover it supports all file types. With this software you can recover and rebuild boot sectors, recover deleted partitions and recover files from FAT and NTFS file systems. One of the main advantages of Glary undelete is that you can see recovered files in windows explorer like view.

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