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Template Realized Under Common Creative License, That Mean Keep it Legal by Leaving the Footer Links Intact, This Template has passed XHTML 1.0 Strict! In terms of creating a website (corporate or personal) it don’t have to be coded from scratch anymore. Even if you are not too familiar with web designing, you too can have a professionally looking website. Vectorlover A modern and stylish theme design which uses a combination of brown, green and gray colors. Free website CSS template perfect for individuals who are on the lookout for creative, pixel perfect portfolio templates.

Since there are many sites offering these resources, it is very convinient to search among them in one place.
All you need to do is find a suitable template, tweak the designs and styles, pump in your contents. It features a nice, clean design with an image header that can be easily replaced or modified. Released from the guys behind CSS-Free-Templates, this bluish template is the perfect choice when it comes to usability, user experience, attractive effects and cool graphics. There are tonnes of templates sites out there, that makes searching for a free yet high quality templates hard and tedious, so we attempted to collect and showcase you some of really good ones.

Here, we proudly present 60 High Quality Free Web Templates and Layouts, a great reference for anyone who wants to create a website, even it’s just a small one.

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