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In 1996, during the original dotcom days, we added 50 new letters and published the collection FREE online.
As I was posting these letters online, I realized I want to communicate my love for consulting. Cover Letter For Students With No Experience : Top 10 Examples Of Cover Letter Entry Level. Although clients come and go, no one can come into my office and say, "Pack up your stuff . I have to work very hard, and the clients expect superb results—but I get to structure my days, weeks, months, and years. was designed for everyone from the novice job hunter to the HR professional.

When the dotcom bubble burst, we realized we'd have to charge a small fee to stay in business. The single letters, taken together, may create a picture of enjoyment, but in a burst of creativity I listed some of the reasons consulting is such a good fit for me—and perhaps for you, too.
For many years, I provided outplacement to the ex-employees of Schlumberger, the world's largest oilfield service corporation. If a client micromanages me or is otherwise no fun, I complete the assignment and replace them. In winter, I leave a heated garage at home and drive to an underground heated garage at work. I've never had to lie, purposely deceive or harm others, or promise things I can't deliver.

With the Internet, e-mail, cell phone, and FedEx, I can work nationally, even internationally from my office—or anywhere in the world. The client’s current paying job has nothing to do with horticulture or environmental education, but shows many transferable skills. When departing employees left the company, they didn't request outplacement in their severance package.

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