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We have mentioned the excellent educational videos of the Khan Academy before for instance which has a focus on math and science. Udacity uses a similar approach, but concentrates more on computer science and science in general. As you can see on the screenshot above, taking classes and joining the community is completely free.
Courses are a mixture of instructive videos and questions that you should use to test your knowledge up to that point.
All instructional videos include captions that can be activated to aid non-native speakers understand the lectures. Each course makes available additional material in a Wiki, and a discussion forum where students and instructors can interact with each other directly. I personally like the idea a lot, especially since you can complete the classes in your own pace. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. Wait a second, there's one course which will be on par: Alex Aiken's Compilers course on Coursera. The vast majority of people would never have the time or money required to attend presentially an elite university (Stanford, MIT, Harvard). 4) You can have classes with the greatest minds in the world (and not only with the greatest minds in your neighborhood). 1) Losing the (amazing) opportunity of living with other smart people in beautiful buildings surrounded by fragant palm trees. 3) Finally, the great disadvantage: having a degree (a degree?) that, at least for a while, will have a lower status than that conferred by traditional institutions. I think Udacity should look a little bit more like a university (considering the possibility of providing educational credits, as Straighterline does). 20 or so years ago, your only hope of getting a college or university grade application was to spend two, three, four or even more years studying at your learning institute of choice.

While that still means math most of the time, at least the beginning courses do not require any previous experience in the subject area. If you have completed a class, you can optionall get certification for it which is available for e fee. In fact, you can preview it from the beginning to the very end if you want without creating a free account to enroll in it. If you do not have experience in Python, you should begin with the Intro to Computer Science course as it also acts as an intro to Python of sorts. If you have no troubles reading this blog, you should not really have issues understanding the videos either. There are also sub forums for study groups, extra practice groups and tags for each unit of a class. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. The downside, though, is that I now have house full of robotic parts, and eager to learn more and more. It has great chances because the team include very intelligent people which have made rapid and wise movements. But technology may allow an educational experience that has some advantages and some disadvantages compared to traditional elite schools. This disadvantage can be at least partially overcame with summer schools and meetings of local groups. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. Depending on the country you have been living in back then, it may not even have been possible for you to get a university degree either because of lack of funding or options. Then later on in the form of free university courses, online certification and free-for-all academies. Each course consists of seven units, one per week, and a finally Exam at the end of the sevenths week.

We’ll see how competent Udacity is after its first certification tests (I find it a bit strange a Udacity test without programming problems…). It can be overcome with a combination of automated feedback (including adoption of artificial intelligence techniques), forums, summer schools, local meetings etc. Thus, when we face funny names like “Floating University”, “UniversityNow”, “Charter University” or Udacity we immediately feel something is missing… Even here Salman Khan took a step in the right direction putting his name in Khan Academy. Anyway, it was the best course I had so far (I'm BSc, took lots of courses and summer schools since then). I wish Udacity all the best and wish every one a better learning experience in their lives. They are an effective and cheap way of acquiring knowledge and making the world a better place, more egalitarian and, above all, allowing people to have tools to innovate and create solutions for a better world wherever they are. Participation should be strongly encouraged and rewarded (should count on Udacity grades, perhaps as some sort of extra points). I find a hexamester (6 weeks of learning+1 week for the final exam) to be a good length to have a focused learning experience. Just as Google recovery and deepens the Enlightenment idea of encyclopedism, MOOCs resume the bold idea of ??Francis Bacon of a society which, through experimentation, can overcome all its problems. This also helps explain why, with little advertising, the 2011 STANFORD ai-class (of Thrun and Norvig) got the attention of 160,000 guys, but now, even with more courses, wide dissemination and a improved platform, Udacity has difficulties to go beyond that record (in a single class). The professors are genuinely interested in innovating the pedagogy to help the students learn more effectively. Completed 'Intro to Computer Science: Building a search engine' with 'Highest Distinction'. But cant wait to get back to 'Programming Languages: Building a web browser' with all the newly acquired Python-foo!

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