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I’ve seen enough of the current office workplace environment to tell that there are a lot of guys who wish they could get more muscle but claim to not have enough time to get into shape. The ideal place to get the workouts are either from books written by people who have already gotten to where you’re headed or to people who are already there. Aside from the tips on that site, in general, workouts for skinny people are generally slow-paced 10-rep workouts that are specifically target certain muscle groups at a time.
The specific workouts need to adapt as you progress along your program, since everyone’s body adapts differently to different workouts.
If you find yourself doing high-intensity fast-paced workouts, you’d probably need to check your sources, as these workouts are most likely not for gaining muscle mass. If you don’t enough calories for the day, you will lose weight, and your body might even burn your hard-earned muscle down for lack of food.

Skinny dudes are skinny because their metabolism is so high, hence they need to eat way more than they usually do to get the calories they need.
The calories must be also taken from quality sources, typically composed of 60-80% fiber-rich carbs, 20-25% from high-quality protein sources, and 5-20% healthy fats. Being the busy people that I am, I usually take specialized protein in the form of a protein drink, right after workout to help recover my muscles faster and develop them even further.
If your muscle is already worn out from the workout, you need to let it rest for at least 1 night to have it recover and develop. If you don’t get enough sleep, and failing to reach delta wave sleep at night, then your muscles will have a hard time recovering and developing. But rest, assure that there is no stagnant program and the exercises will need to keep on changing in order for your muscles to develop.

If you, like me, cannot get quality food, then spending hours on end on the gym might produce less results than you’d expect.
All I can say is, the more self disciplined we are in following the proper workout, getting proper nutrition, and resting, the faster the results appear.
The reason being the workouts described in the internet are static and not catered just for you.

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