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This image was posted to 4chan image boards, inviting people to participate in the Cicada 3301 mystery. Good luck." That message, signed "3301," appeared on the underground message board known as 4chan two years ago. It was mysterious, cryptic and sparked a global Internet mystery that has yet to be answered to this day. The first puzzle used a technique called steganography, concealing a message or image within another image. Hidden inside that first seemingly simple image — those black words on white text — were many more pictures, codes, clues and the reoccurring image of a cicada. And that's why Bell says so many more people joined in, because no one person had the skills to solve all of the puzzles.
Extremely obscure knowledge was needed to crack these codes, from Medieval Welsh literature to Victorian occult numerology.
Eventually the clues led to 14 different GPS coordinates, Bell says, in places like Hawaii, Moscow and Warsaw. Bell says that as the puzzles got more and more complex, people started to suspect that perhaps a military organization was behind it, perhaps the National Security Agency. He says there are a lot of different rumors, but none of those who were successful have talked about it.
5, 2013, it all started over again; the puzzles appeared with different techniques and new physical locations. It again led to a website on the darknet, and once again it closed once a certain number of people got through.
For thousands of people who sat at websites to try and decode these puzzles it's been a real labor of love."Copyright 2014 NPR.

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