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As an entrepreneur, you need to do proper homework before using low price as a bait to increase your market share. So my advice to all those wannabe Bulk SMS resellers out there is that they go improve on their services . I think the challenge is that most bulk sms provider are sub-dealer and are only there to make quick money. Too many wannabe bulk sms reseller are not taking time to study the rudiment of providing reliable bulk sms service to the Nigerian populace.
Well said, we are into bulk sms business and we have features beyond the simple bulk sms that everyone is providing everywhere.
You are gdamn right, Nigerians are still very scared of online payment because of the yahooo-yahoo thing. The point is offer a good service instead of a poor service even if the price is a little bit higher. Truly the real thing is service delivery and we should expect nothing less than a great service. They have successfully destroyed the business, I was privilege to know that some GSM operator wants to take over this business and that explains why bulk sms is hardly delivered to some networks now. It is so bad that after talking about forming an association we could not do anything and allow the big boys to take over the business Or who knows the where about of Amina who has gone so far in this? But in the interim can I request that all bulk sms that is less than 1000 quantity be sold for N2.50k. I think is unfair when some bulk sms company hold-on to there reseller api so there reseller with not be able to buy else where,i ones fall victim as a JJC some time back where i had to build another site to be independent.With my bulk sms site reseller are in for big deal,resller will have all there site document,api,Cpanel and othere related document and can buy as low as 90kobo. Since you have experience in the Bulk SMS industry, i really want to knw where to buy SMS from in Nigeria or elsewhere, but my major concern is about prompt delivery. Bulk sms are in use as they are affordable and give international access also in affordable rate. With the growth in the number of mobile phone users, the features offered by these wonder devices have also become popular. SMS bulk sending providers users the ability to expand their network in a fast and cheap way with the right targeted database in india. Rolls Royce manufacturing team are not trying to increase or maintain their market share by reducing their price to compete with the likes of Nissan. If your service is poor and your customer support service  is non-existent or inefficient, then lowering your price will do no good. Nigerian consumers no that the price war is just a gimmick because it is always accompanied by crappy services.

There is nothing wrong with being a Bulk SMS sub-dealer, someone has to start small and grow big. They are just joining the bandwagon of bulk sms resellers because they think it is another lucrative business opportunity that can make one a millionaire overnight.
And you can see it written over their poorly made websites and crappy backend plus unreliable gateway. Any entrepreneur that is not ready to provide good service for the people should not collect their hard earned money. Some folks are offering as much as 1GB Disk space and 50GB monthly bandwidth for N2,500 with free domain included.
It is not expedient to keep reducing your price list because you want to acquire customers in this business. However, it turned out that the second site did not provide excellent service and I think I may have lost that client. Have you been concerned about recent developments which threaten the continued existence and survival of the business in Nigeria?. There are many companies which provide voice sms solution to its clients and various other services too.You want ot more information visit our site.
It is quite interesting that many Bulk SMS resellers are trying to woo Nigerian consumers via rock bottom pricing. If the service can’t produce the expected result, then it is money wasted irrespective of how cheap it is. Instead, they strive to improve on the performance of their model and the luxury it affords the buyers. You should focus your attention first on improving your service before inviting more clients to try your service. The fact that the gsm operators seem to be getting away with this doesn’t mean the consumers are fools. Nigerians online won’t mind patronizing a bulk sms reseller who operates from the moon as long as the service is reliable. My suggestion is that people should try to find out more information on the people behind the bulk sms providers.
Most people go into business because they want to solve their poverty problem once for all. I have actually reduced my price list before, but there are still some out there who are still offering higher prices and I believe they are selling. And i think it all boils down to market forces and soon they will be at play in the Bulk SMS industry.

Time is ripe for an association of bulksms providers, an umbrella body to develop and regulate the practice & business of bulksms and to fight the cause of the members. We will release the road map of this association to registered members in the coming days ahead. There are providers who sell at low prices that render better services than those who sell at cut-throat prices. There is a serious price war going on now as they try to outdo each other by offering rock bottom price for their bulk sms services. Why should I buy SMS at the rate of N1.00 only to discover that messages sent are never delivered to the intended recipients or it gets delivered when it is no longer relevant. My bulk sms service provider is not the cheapest, but they know how to deliver quality services. Irrespective of how low another car manufacturer may place their price, lovers of Rolls Royce won’t be wooed! Once customers notice that you are only after their money and not bothered about their satisfaction, they will look for alternative. And this explains why people would rather go into an established business than start something from scratch. But what will stand the quality service providers out from the charlatans would be their professionalism, their solutions as someone pointed out and ultimately their desire,love for the industry and the creation of innovations that meets clients needs. I guess if it were possible, some will even offer free SMS just to snatch customers from their competitors.
Someone sent an SMS that is meant to wish a loyal client happy birthday but delivery of the message was delayed until 2days after the birthday!
Unlike gsm telecom operators who have the advantage of operating in a closed local market, bulk sms resellers are actually operating in a highly competitive international market. One other thing I will advice the bulk sms resellers to do is think in terms of solutions; solutions to business problems and how they can use sms to offer that solution. What I have observed here is that some providers are practically trying to rundown others while advertising their service.
Honestly speaking, if someone somewhere think this is the way to do bulk sms reselling business, they better have a rethink.

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