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For months now, Nigerians have been searching for a free way of accessing the internet on their PC without having to spend a dime. Once the connection is successful, go back to your PD-Proxy VPN interface and click on Connect.
Enjoy browsing freely but remember that to enjoy fast uninterrupted browsing, you will need to upgrade PD-Proxy Premium. IMPORTANT INFORMATIONPlease do bear in mind that any Comment left on this Blog that is in no way related to the post under which it is being left, will not be accepted and so won’t be published. Text Free Browsing does what the name says: once you install it, you can click on a little nerdy face to turn off all text on the internet.

People no longer enjoy the luxury of downloading movies and files without having to worry about its size. I have done my homework and discovered an awesome way via which you can access the internet on your PC using an Airtel SIM at no cost at all.
If you are not enjoying the speed, you can still use the Airtel #1500 BlackBerry data plan to browse on your PC. For any such unrelated question and enquiries, please use the Contact Us section to get in touch with us and we promise to get back to you 30 minutes after we get your message.
I could remember downloading a whole 7.2Gb game only to end up deleting it without even flinching knowing very well that I can re-download it at no cost.

To browse free, you should spend up to N200 during the day, either by calls, SMS or through other means. If you do not want to miss our future updates Subscribe Your Email to receive our posts free of charge.

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