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Emperor Claudius II of Rome found it hard to get soldiers to fight for him and felt it was because the men did not want to leave their wives and families behind while they fought a long bloody war.
Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated by lovers, however over the years the day has shifted to less of a romantic day to a more admiration day. The people during the Middle Ages believed birds began to mate halfway through the second month of the year, February 14th. However, each country makes the day unique by calling it something different or has added a special tradition over the years. Its origins date back to the ancient Roman Empire when February 15th began the festival called “Feast of Lupercalia” which honored the Roman God of Agriculture. A romantic priest, known as Saint Valentine, defied the Emperor and secretly married the Roman lovers.

Furthermore, it is said that the Valentine’s Day cards gained their popularity in France, when Charles, Duke of Orleans, who was captured at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 wrote a poem or ‘Valentine’ to his wife while imprisoned in the Tower of London.
In the UK and France sending cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts is the traditional way of acknowledging Valentine’s Day, referred to as “Saint Valentin” in France. Therefore, many celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, teachers or anyone who made a difference to our lives with their affection and support.
More Valentine’s Day poems were written and the tradition has carried on through the years to present day.
On the eve of the festival, February 14th, a piece of paper with a girl’s name on it was put into a jar and the young men would pick one.
While in jail he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and in his farewell letter to her he signed it “From your Valentine”.

The girl they picked would be paired with him for the duration of Lupercalia, usually a year. Over the period of time, the martyr, Saint Valentine, became the patron saint of lovers and they began to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day of romance by exchanging love notes and simple gifts such as flower.
Most would end up falling in love and later marry.  This tradition set the mood for the Valentine’s Day we know today, but this isn’t what made the day remembered around the world.

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