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Selling is not easy, unless you are the only source for a much coveted product, and much less when it’s within an over-saturated market of competitors who are all shouting for attention. We set up this site to directly license our music to customers and build a relationship with them as we felt frustrated by the high commissions other sites took from us per sale and the secrecy surrounding who we were selling our music to.
Speaking directly with our clients means we can serve them better by providing them with the type of music and quality they want and is something you need to do if you want to sell your music, be that general recreational music to fans or production music to filmmakers.
You need (and should want) to meet the people you are going to work with whether that’s online or in person at events.
We can’t recommend selling on any particular one as each one has their own system for selling and specific audiences that may or may not fit your style of music. If you want to go it alone, then below are some ideas that have worked for us building a presence and getting some sales. We’re not affiliated with them in any way, but from our experience selling via them, they are fast, have helpful customer support and their services are cleverly thought out to offer a low commission on sales while providing blisteringly quick Amazon S3 hosting of your digital products. Considering YouTube has such a huge following (far far beyond competitor video streaming sites at the time of writing), you just can’t ignore the potential to build an active audience here.
If you’re trying to make money from your music, the aim is not to pitch your prices lower than the next person. In order to reach the highest quality possible constantly compare your work to the best in the industry.

This is a selling point for your customers and something we also offer (which is why we don’t feel so bad about not uploading alternate versions for all our music!).
We're offering our subscribers a very usable background track that you can use in your productions. All of our preview tracks have meta data about the music so you can easily type in the name of the track to find it again if you're happy with the preview and want to purchase.
But don’t get disheartened, there are ways you can build up income streams from your music, it just takes time and some entrepreneurial thinking. Our aim is to offer affordable music to the general public while we work on custom projects and other ways to generate income from our music. But a good place to start investigating is on Music Library Report where you can evaluate different libraries and how they treat their composers. We blog regularly to talk about our work, but also our passions, feelings about certain topics and provide information we believe will be useful to our customers and fellow composers (like this one). That’s bad for you, the client (yes, the lower the price, the more likely it is that they the end-product is of poorer quality as good music costs to create, albeit less than before) and the future of the music industry as a whole. Well, simply put, your music will sell well if it’s fit for purpose and in front of the right audience. If it doesn’t sound on a level with what you hear (be honest), then ask yourself why.

Stick to what you’re best at and the quality of what you offer will increase as you perfect your niche. We’re guilty of not doing this at Instrumental Background Music enough, but get in the habit of providing options for your customers.
For the record, and so you know I’m a real person (!), my name is Taco and I pretty much run the blog side of this site. If you own or manage a business, try Peter Robertson's music that is both restful and engaging, pleasant yet professional as background music or for on hold music for your customers.This gentle background music is ideal to relieve pressure from work or study. It will also help you build an email list, which is fundamental to keep your customers (and friends) up to date with your latest work. Some styles of music may not be financially within your reach (take recording a 60 piece orchestra live for example!), but in many cases, you can get pretty close by improving your craft through mixing better and getting better at playing your instrument(s). It is also an excellent choice to use at churches, Christian web pages, blogs, restaurants and cafes.
These instrumental CDs by Peter Robertson are sure to provide a restful environment in any situation.Instrumental Background Music - Free mp3 songThe following mp3 is available to you as a free download.

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