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This is the era of technological development, it includes all type of technologies as software technology, mechanical technology etc. Math Formulary : According to a plenty of students, math is considered as the most difficult subject among the other subject. Morning Routine: Sleeping is one of the pleasant part of our daily routine and the getting out of bed in morning is one of the toughest task. WikiDroid for Wikipedia: Wikipedia is a name that has its own reputed identity in the internet world.
Merriam Webster Dictionary: All the topics, books changes according to course, syllabus but some books are all time useful. My Student Budget Planner: Only intelligence can’t help a student to achieve   success, there is a great need of wisdom in students.
Facebook for Android: More than 70% of youngsters in the whole world connect with Facebook. Loot: Loot is a very useful application for those students who want to note the records of their spendings, current bank balance notifications, recent transactions etc. Free Android games 2012: Android Linux-based operating system, compared with other operating systems that can reduce the likelihood of errors that are common on other platforms. Today mobile phones are used not only for telecommunications, but also to play games, surf the Internet, read e-books, chat with friends and much more. I'm an economist and i am currently visiting postgraduate study at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
One of the most popular Pool game in Android market and it’s totally free to download. One of the best car racing game for android users, the game has lots of levels, lots of cars and lots of new feature.
Bonsai Blast is excellent, highly polished and extremely addictive, can’t put it down! We are developing a similar game as Action Potato for a school project for thanksgiving 2011.
This is a great media player that works with all modern web services, and ties in with the popular open source desktop app of the same name. There are lots of free photo editing apps in the Play Store, but this one has more features and effects than any other. The sister app to Onavo Count, this reduces how much data you actually receive by crunching it all down server-side. ShoeBox is designed for anyone with a stack of printed photos they don’t know what to do it.
In his full review of ZDbox, Ashish decribed it as a jack of all trades: not the best at anything it tries to do, but still worth installing. In my guide to setting a custom Android ringtone, I recommended Ringdroid for letting you take songs on your phone, trim it down to the part you want to use as a ringtone, and assign them to whichever notification you please.
Bubble lets you enter things you need to remember about your contacts (like the fact that they have a party coming up, or that they owe you some money), and keeps track of this information. This is a fantastic app for managing your collections: books, movies, music, and even wine. As we’ve said time and time again, the ability to go crazy with customization is one of the great selling points of Android. By default, new text messages appear in the notifications bar, and then scroll by very slowly.
You can get your news from a single curated site like BBC News, or from a social news site like Reddit, or from social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Our regular writer Ashish Bogawat enjoys his coffee break puzzles, and he claims that this is the best free Sudoku app around – maybe even the best Sudoku app full stop. As featured in our roundup of Android Apps to Boost Your Productivity, ColorNote has been around for a long time, implementing a lot of great features: color coding, checklists, calendar integration, password lock and more. Mobisle Notes works really well as a general purpose list app for quick memos, random pieces of info, and simple checklists.
Like Opera, Firefox for Android offers a different interface as well as synchronisation with its desktop equivalent. MiLocker comes from the developers behind MIUI, but will run on any Android device with Froyo or above. GO Locker is a great (and more widely used) alternative to MiLocker, albeit with a couple of flaws. Although GO Locker has its flaws, GO Launcher is fantastic, managing to gain popularity even against the stiff competition of ADW Launcher and LauncherPro. For Pocket — you got the description right, but you link to a completely different app named Pocket (even the icon is wrong). Apex Launcher should have been in the list, it’s free but should you want to unlock k the extra features you can with the Pro add-on.

These apps does not consider any appropriate course, these are designed for all type of courses. But sometimes students are busy with their work and they don’t have a single minute to visit any hotel and take their meal.
But this app not automatically connect with bank account, student have to note all the informations manually. Android is a Java-based environment, and most mobile game developed using the Java programming language. In Google Play store (Android Market) there are thousand of free android games are available.
All these top 20 android games are free to use, so download these android games on your android device and enjoy them. The game is free to download with new levels, new birds, new powers, and a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer the limit. In the game you are the member of strike forces, who has to destroy anything blocked on your way. You have to control your bike in traffic and Keep accelerating the bike so you can get more score and perks. Loves to write on Technology, Mobile, Gadgets, Blogging, Software Reviews & Web services. It lets you assign specific vibration patterns to your various notifications, rather than setting certain sounds to play.
Read this full review of Orbot to find out how it can enable online and encrypted web browsing on your device.
When you hit Share from within an app, Andmade presents you with your normal list of services – but with a checkbox next to each one.
As the (old) name suggests, it lets you save any article, video, or web page to check out later, syncing between your mobile, tablet, and your computer. It can text or call your contacts, send email, search the web, and navigate to destinations.
It’s an all-in-one toolbox of Android utilities, featuring a battery monitor, an app lock, a global do not disturb mode, a history eraser, and so on. It’ll track your speed, distance, time, and altitude and display them all to you in a graph.
MX Player is a much better option; it has separate codec downloads which allow it to handle pretty much any video you can throw at it.
The next time one of these contacts call you, a little reminder pops up so you don’t forget to talk to them about whatever it was. It lets you create notes and tasks, add media, and add products (via scanning barcodes or looking up the product directly), and then categorise and personalise all your items. This app makes one of the simpler yet more striking customization options very easy, by offering access to over a million HD wallpapers from
With eight variations of the game, multiple difficulty levels, over 10,000 unique puzzles and an interface optimised for both phone and tablet, how could I argue? But sometimes people genuinely need to get in touch with me, as a matter of urgency, and I don’t like being completely unavailable. Yes, stock Android already puts a little icon in your notification bar for that, but this app goes much further, periodically bugging you about it until you either call the person back or actively dismiss the reminder. However, it is starting to look a little dated now, particularly when compared with the Holo design from Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. It actively tries not to compete with the bigger, full-featured note apps like Springpad and Wunderlist. As with the other mobile browsers, it’s hard to sum up what makes it different briefly, so I recommend trying them all out. Take a photo of anything, and LifeDropper will give you back the colour code in any format you desire.
This makes it relatively easy to copy text from your desktop to your phone, by means of a neat Chrome extension. I’ve had complete Luddites ask me how they can enable it on their phone after seeing me type a note with it.
However two complaints: tiny flashlight and mx player are both great apparently but they also definitely have ads and pro version so dont really belong on this list.
Laptops acquires the position of personal computers, smartphones replaces normal mobile phones. It’s a necessary book fnot only for a student it’s a book useful for everyone.Merriam Webmaster Dictionary is a perfect application to complete the need of a dictionary. My Student Budget Planner is a app that helps a student to plan for the spendings and reduce the unnecessary expenses. But unfortunately sometimes official app stop working, hence students need other app to use facebook.

Game developers to develop games for the fun and excitement with innovative ideas with the latest technology. Raging Thunder has many options such as online multiplayer games, the 3D graphics technology, and projects to improve the physical address, and Thunder adapted controls.Raging has been downloaded by more than 10 million users and over 57,000 Android users give ratings to it . Run the bike in snow island and show your riding skills and clear all the level to gain more points.
In the game you have to help unicorn to run faster and help him to running faster to obtain higher score. You can play the game in Single player mode or challenge the computer to play a match with you. The game has the three packed gameplay modes – Classic, Zen and the new Arcade, featuring powerups including Freeze, Frenzy and Double Score! I really like your your list of games.I am so lucky I find your site and read your articles. Tick all the ones you want to use, hit Share, and it’ll post to each of them, one after the other.
There are other apps that do similar things, but this is the best – read our full review of AirDroid to see why. It also lets you categorize the final images and add tags, and integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It also has a decent in-car mode, where it’ll read incoming texts to you and can be activated without pressing any buttons (just say your custom activation phrase). As Connor said in his full review, it’s a practical and useful app, but far from pretty. All this info is synced to the cloud so you can search through it from your phone or computer later.
The app can tie in with your camera, automatically scanning every photo you take to find deeper information, and relaying it back to you.
SMS Flash offers a third option: it shows the entire message in a translucent panel on top of everything else, without interrupting you. As Rahsheen explains in his full review, the app digs up content from your social network contacts, your RSS subscriptions, and from the general web, and then sorts it based on how relevant it believes you’ll find it. They both have a similar set of features, so which you should choose comes down to personal preference – give them both a go! Also check out Opera Mini, which crunches web pages server-side before sending them to you, to save your data allowance. It’s not as customisable as GO SMS Pro, but it does have a couple of alternative themes. Copy some text on your computer, open Chrome, and hit the QR Clipboard icon to make a QR code appear.
Rather than tapping each letter in turn to type a word, you just swipe your finger through each of them in one continuous motion. For an ad free and feature rich movie player although not as attactive as mx player, i like qqplayer. The development of games on this platform is very simple and compatible with all audio formats and MPEG4 video files, JPG, PNG, MP3, GIF, MP4, ACC, and so forth. We wrote a full guide to this, explaining how you can use it with Firefox and how to push web pages back from your mobile to your desktop browser.
Scan this code with the QR Clipboard app on your phone, and it’ll put the text in your phone clipboard. You might already have this on your phone, or you may need to download the free beta; either way, you can find out more on the official site. This game is free to download and has a size of 3.2 MB for thousands of free applications for Android Games offered by Google. A smartphone not only helpful for students in entertaining themselves by providing the facility of gaming, internet facility and much more, it also helps students in their studies. Anyone with the brains and manpower is now free to edit, add, modify, use and distribute Android in anyway they see fit at absolutely no cost.This is pretty significant as it opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities for the platform and mobile computing in general.
Android can now be easily ported to anything, from phones to GPS receivers, to in-car entertainment systems as well as other funky things nobody has thought of yet. It also allows companies to stop re-inventing the OS wheel and focus on building better hardware.ADVERTISEMENTAs long as Google can keep the project together, avoiding too many forks, everybody will win.

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