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Bluestacks is a small software that lets you install and run all the available Android apps on your computer without the need of any Android device.
You will need to use mouse and keyboard to run the Android apps and to play Android apps on your computer. Once you launch it, you’ll see some default Android apps that comes pre-installed with Bluestacks.
Follow the on-screen procedure to connect your Android phone or tablet with your computer using the Bluestacks cloud connect app and to get the 9 digit PIN for Bluestacks.
Now, to install any Android app on your computer, simply subscribe to an App in Bluestacks on your Android phone or tablet ad click on sync button. If you want to uninstall any app from your computer, simply unsubscribe to that app from the Bluestacks app on your Android phone or tablet. Since the mobile network started to serve high-speed data and wi-fi networks readily available around us, it becomes easier to do things on the phone what we used to do on the desktop. Here you go, check out these mp3 downloader android apps below which allows to download Music and Mp3 songs on your Android for FREE. With its vast catalog (over 35 million songs) and impressive features, Google play music has become a major player in the mobile music industry. It has been a long time since the last time I found a best mp3 downloader for Android that accomplishes a minimum standard of quality. This is a download manager app which allows to organize and download files simultaneously on your device without limiting speed. Not only RockMyRun will freshen up your mind, but also, it can help to get your body in shape. With Downlaod MP3 Music Download Pro Android App you can search through millions of FREE MP3 available and FREE MUSIC for mp3 download, all from free public search engine and download music!
Now a days there is a lot of websites which offers download free and legal music, audio from them.
I wish we could create our own music folders and have as many as we want, like we do on our computers. Great post all apps are very nice, very informative article, Description of each and every app will help some to know that how to use these apps, Great work.
I would like a music downloader that actually downloads them to the phone so you can play without being connected to the internet after they are cached… can someone recommend one that does that? I think that it’s the most complete one, the less bloated and it downloads apps books and wallpapers too.

This article is dated June 3, 2014, but all of the links are dead and some comments are three years old.
Is it just me or did anyone else not click on any of these app links because the description was to poorly written to understand?
Friends Please Promote a worthy music app – Download all you favourite songs mp3 free on your android phone. The app provides you the stories in different categories which includes stories, Valentine’s special, science fiction, adventure, romance and much more.
You can login with your Facebook or Wattpad account and get connected with writers from all over the world.
If you have one of those touch enabled laptop or monitor, then its even better as you’ll be able to use the Android Apps just as you would do on an Android phone or tablet. Once you have the setup on your computer, simply run it to install BlueStacks on your computer. This video will give you an intro about using Bluestacks to run Android apps on your computer. These include some of the most popular Android Apps like talking Tom, drag racing, words free etc. After installing Bluestacks cloud connect on your Android phone or tablet, launch it and type the 9-digit PIN here to complete the sync of your computer and your Android device. This Android app will then appear on Bluestacks launcher on your computer which you can run simply by clicking on it.
And now technology makes it more fun and accessible as smartphones replace mp3 Player or any portable music devices.
A dedicated music file search app which filters mp3 files from millions of files database and lets you download them to Android devices.
With Free Music Download app for Android search and download millions of FREE music and MP3s from the public search engine! The app allows uploading 50000 songs of personal collection and cache songs to listen offline.
Music Download Paradise Mp3 app got a simple design but regarding the functionality, the app does a great job. The best part of the app is it allows you to create your own ringtone and assign to contact. The app offers an excellent collection of DJ-mixed playlists for workout soundtracks and more.

You can download straight from youtube by adding the letters dl to the url (youtube must be opened on the navigator and not on the youtube app).
This Android Wattpad is one of the most popular app in Android Market to read books from different sources on Android. The app also provides all the books in different categories which includes featured stories, Valentine’s special, science fiction, adventure, romance, fantasy, humor, horror, paranormal, thriller, teen fiction, poetry, action and much more. Before starting the app, you can sign-up with Wattpad or login with your Facebook account to get connected with writers from all over the world. But now we can download songs from the internet directly to the phone and to make this task easier there are apps allowing search for songs and download them. 4shared Music also offers 15GB space to upload your favorite songs and stream them on the go. But if you are not willing to buy the subscription, chances that you can still often download free tracks and albums offered by play music. Though downloading song takes longer, the best thing is you will find the song you are searching.
Now just read your favorite books on Android and share them among your friends if you really like the stories. As explained above, you’ll need to use the mouse to navigate through the Android app. This means that some Android apps may not run properly on your computer and you may see some other issues while using it. The app also comes With a free music player and a music download manager that supports multiple downloads simultaneously. What’s cooler than synchronising your heart rate to filter a playlist that suits your workout’s state?
It is legal and free, because the musicians and producers are willing to share their work for free. We will update this post with latest updates about Bluestacks and also on how to install and run Android apps on your computer, so subscribe to Zoopable to stay updated.

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