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Today i have found a wonderful website that has loads of pictures that i have never seen before. This website was linked to on the Falklands war website but I pulled it from a links folder I had so here we are anyway. 1792-1794: A map known as the 1st Sheet of DeWitt's State Map of New York shows the Military Tract Of Central New York as it existed between Aug. The State Of New York in 1827, aware of the importance and public utilityof an accurate state map and the want of an authentic work of this kind,upon the recommendation of the State Governor Dewitt Clinton, authorizedthe Comptroller & Surveyor General to publish an atlas at the statesexpense.
An Atlas Of The State Of New York containing a map of the state and severalcounties projected and drawn by a uniform scale and from documents depositedin the public offices of the state; and other original authentic informationunder the direction of Simeon DeWitt, Surveyor General pursuant to an actof the legislature.
The 1837 Hagaman & Markham (Peabody) Map of The Village Of Auburn (NY) includes a profile of the Erie Canal.

FOR A 1867-8 AS ORIGINALLY COMPILED AND PUBLISHED BY HAMILTON CHILD includes a listing of residents of Brutus & Weedsport NY in 1867-1868. 1904 Map of the Town of Brutus NY as contained within the New Century Atlas of Cayuga County NY.
1904 Map of the Village of Weedsport NY as contained within the New Century Atlas of Cayuga County NY. Weedsport NY Class Of 1945 Yearbook, scanned & transcribed for the Internet courtesy of Chris (Riley) Spengler. It’s an excellent website and is well worth a look if you are interested in the RAF side of things. A Published A on January 5, 1829; A the cover page ofthe 1829 Atlas Of The State Of New York by David H.

A Physical geography of the state of New York - severalcounties and statistical tables of same by David H. A The Cayuga County NY Map contained within the 1829 AtlasOf The State Of New York by David H.

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